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Everything You Need to Know About Apple's Incredible iPhone X

Apple has done it again. Their new iPhone reveal has everyone on the edge of their seats in anticipation for the sales release. The iPhone X is the godfather of all things Apple. It is expected to completely change the way we interact with technology, and how it responds to us. This new model is more innovative and forward-thinking than anything we have seen from the company before, and here's why.

1. Face Recognition

Gone are the days of needing yet another password or using your fingerprint. Instead, enjoy the ease of facial recognition to open your iPhone. This is more than just a way to use your device, it is transforming the trust behind payments and authentication as well. Apple Pay will now use your face during transactions, and you can also expect the App Store to be checking you out while you check out. All of this is made possible by the TrueDepth camera, which uses over 30,000 dots to map your face. Worried about aging or other changes in your appearance? Don't be! Adaptive Recognition adjusts the FaceID feature to recognize you as needed.

2. Wireless Charging

iPhone flat? Need a new lightning cable? Funny how everything has gone wireless, but we still rely on chords to power this process. Not anymore. The all-new AirPower mat is coming out with the iPhone X. It will make charging devices like your iPhone and Apple Watch significantly easier by having everything in one place. Plus, you can enjoy this convenience with up to three devices at a time! The mat is compatible with Qi stations already available in most airports, hotels, cafes, and even cars. This means you have all you need to charge anywhere you need with just one item, not multiple chords.

3. Durable Protection

To match the strength of Apple encryption for everything on the inside, all-new protection technology is increasing the durability of the iPhone on the outside. Surgical-grade stainless steel wraps all the way around the front and back for ultimate shock and scratch protection. This improves the water and dust resistance as well, improving the longevity of your iPhone X.

4. Better Camera Options

You can now take the absolute best selfies ever. Portrait Lighting comes with five special settings to capture your best angle with the effects to match. It's like having the perfect edits done to your picture, without any edits at all! Get a little brighter or darker with Contour or Studio Lighting, or feel like the ultimate star with Stage Lighting. Capture everything in the perfect framing with Optical Zoom. The iPhone X comes with wide-angle capabilities, bringing your surroundings to life in each picture you take. Or, enjoy up to 10x of sharp zooming to get just what you need in the photo.

The iPhone X Is Intuition Redesigned

Apple has pushed smartphone technology to beyond a sharp image and good battery life. With the new iPhone, you can expect to do everything from translating with Siri to paying friends back directly through Messages. You can make your games come to life with Augmented Reality features too! Oh yeah, all of this without the need for a home button and a completely new way of interacting with iOS. The future is (almost) here, are you ready? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!
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