Fitbit Charge HR Replacement Band Strap with Buckle (Large & Small)

$29.00 $39.95

By installing a Fitbit Charge HR Replacement Band, you dont need to throw out your old fitness tracker anymore. We have added more new colours to the line up aswell - feel free to pick something different. These are a direct replacement for your broken Fitbit Charge HR strap and include the required tools for a changeover. You just require a sharp knife or razor blade. Changeover only takes around 10-mins. Be careful not to bend the back button clip holder too much as they are fragile - We suggest putting a dab of superglue on this when re-assembling in-case it wants to fall off.

  • Available in 8 colours
  • Silicone Band with Stainless Buckle
  • Size: Small & Large
  • Aftermarket Fitbit Charge HR Bands
  • For video instructions on the changeover please visit here (steps 4 & 5 only)


Fitbit Charge HR

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