The New Apple Watch 6 and SE Models Have Game Changing Features!

The New Apple Watch 6 and SE Models Have Game Changing Features!

 Are you planning on updating your Apple smartwatch? Are you unsure of which of the new Apple smartwatch models is the best one for you? In this guide, we’ll discuss the features of the new Apple Watch 6 and Apple Watch SE.

The latest news on Apple reports that the brand now has over 1.5 billion active devices around the world. While a big majority of those are iPhones, there’s no denying the popularity of smartwatches. As a new series of Apple Watches come out, it can be baffling to know which the better choice is.

Below, you’ll learn what makes the Apple Watch 6 and SE better from older models. We’ll also talk about the differences and similarities between the two new models. Keep reading to discover more about these new Apple Watches.

1. Apple Watch 6 and Apple Watch SE

We begin with a general overview of the Apple Watch Series 6. During its September Special Event, Apple announced the release date of the Apple Watch 6. The brand announced a lot of new and exciting developments for the newest models.

Included in the list of new features is faster hardware, SpO2 monitoring, and more. We also see a boost to a variety of features from the Apple Watch Series 5. The Apple Watch 6 keeps features like fall detection and International Emergency Calling.

Another big factor that got everyone all the more hyped up about the Apple Watch 6 is the added colour. Whereas the Apple Watch Series 5 came in gold, silver, black, and grey, the Apple Watch 6 is available in red and blue, too.

In the launch announcement, the Apple Watch 6 will be available in the country starting at 599 AUD. The price is somewhat more affordable compared to its most recent predecessor.

The details about the Apple Watch SE came with the news about the Apple Watch 6. Even though they came out at the same time, they have significant differences. We will discuss those differences further later.

The news of these newer and smarter devices alone is a great reason to be optimistic during the lockdowns.

2. Features

Let’s talk about some general features of the Apple Watch 6 and SE first. Both smartwatches run the WatchOS 7 software. This includes a variety of new watch faces and Memoji stickers.

You can also use Family Setup to connect your iPhone to a family member’s Apple Watch. This is great for kids or elderly adults. This allows you to apply several controls, like automatic location tracking.

You can also add a variety of Apple Watch accessories to ease your experience with the Apple Watch. Such accessories include a magnetic charging dock, new loops, and more.

Health Features

Now, let’s get to the most anticipated assets of the newest Apple Watches. Emergency and special safety features are what make the Series 6 and SE stand out. Health monitoring is also the main selling point of the Series 6 model.

The Apple Watch Series 6 boasts the blood oxygen monitoring feature. It’s the newest feature on the Apple Watch. It measures the oxygen saturation of your blood or your SpO2. It’s an indication of how much oxygen is getting carried throughout the body.

Other health features of the Series 6 include:

  • Electrocardiograms (ECGs)
  • Electrical heart rate sensor
  • Fall detection
  • Emergency SOS
  • International emergency calling

The SE model also has an emergency fall detection and emergency SOS feature. The two new models also allow you to hear health alerts. This is ideal for people with health problems like heart problems.

Despite constraints by the pandemic, the Department of Health recommends jogging, walking, and backyard sports. If you want to observe all your vital signs when you exercise, get the Series 6 watch. However, if you’re happy with the health sensors that the SE model has, then pick the Apple Watch SE.

3. Hardware

One of the most notable upgrades of the Series 6 is the use of the latest S6 processor. The S6 is a 64-bit dual-core processor. Watch Series 6 models also use a W3 wireless chip.

This S6 chipset makes the wrist device 20% faster than its S5 predecessor. You can launch apps on your Apple Watch faster while maintaining 18-hour battery life. Get the Series 6 model if you must launch demanding apps at great speeds.

The Apple Watch SE didn’t get the same upgrade. Yet, its 64-bit S5 chip dual-core processor is nothing to laugh at. Like the Series 6, it also uses a W3 wireless chip.

Another change is that the Series 6 is the only model that contains the U1 ultra-wideband chip. This chip enables short-range wireless location. Right now, the uses for this is unclear.

The closest application of the technology that we know of is the AirDrop feature in iOS 13. Apple may be revving up to give us more information about the U1 ultra-wideband chip later. Because it has few use cases, you may want to hold off on buying a Series 6 model for that.

4. Display

In the first half of 2020, the market saw a sales total of 1.18 million smart wrist wearables in the country. It’s lower by 3% (1.22 million) compared to the statistics from a year ago. Despite this slight decrease in sales, the popularity of smartwatches continues to carry through.

A possible reason is that smartwatches continue to improve and evolve. The display Apple used for the Apple Watch Series 6 and SE model is a Retina LTPO OLED display. Both models feature the same resolution and water-resistant features.

A key difference between the displays of the Apple Watch 6 and SE includes the always-on feature. The Apple Watch 6, like the Apple Watch Series 5, has an always-on display. This means that you can look at the screen of your Apple Watch from any angle to see the time.

You won’t have to tap the screen to activate it to check for notifications. It’ll be like viewing a non-digital watch. If you have a habit of checking the time on your wrist often, you’d want to pick the Series 6.

The always-on display of the Series 6 model is also brighter than the Series 5 by 2.5 times. Now, even when you’re under bright sunlight, you can get a good look at your Apple Watch. You can access the Notification Centre without having to wake the screen.

5. Design

When you look at the designs of both smartwatches, you’ll see that they follow the same basic design. They have a clean, lightweight, and rounded square look. The difference is the type of materials they’re available in.

You can get the Apple Watch Series 6 in aluminium, stainless steel, or titanium. Each material is available in different colours. If you’re buying an Apple Watch SE, your options become limited to one material, and that is aluminium.

An Apple Watch 6 in aluminium is available in silver, space grey, gold, blue, or red. SE models are available in silver, space grey, or gold colours only. If you pick an Apple Watch 6 in stainless steel, you can get it in silver, graphite or gold colours.  

If you buy an Apple Watch 6 in stainless steel, you can pick between silver, graphite, and gold. In a titanium build, the colour choices are between titanium or space black only. If a lightweight casing is the one you’re after more than colour choices, pick aluminium casing.

So far, the Apple Watch Series 6 is the only model that offers a new set of colour choices. If you want your Apple Watch in a fun and fresh colour, pick the Series 6 model. If the colour isn’t a priority for you, then you may feel content with an Apple Watch SE already.

6. Battery Life

The health and fitness benefits of Apple Watches are what makes them the top smartwatches. One of the worst things that can happen when you’re out on a run is to run out of battery. You don’t need to worry about running out of precious battery life with the Apple Watch 6 and SE.

Like the Series 5, both the Apple Watch 6 and SE have 18 hours of battery life. As Apple likes to call it, this can last you the whole day. The difference between Apple Watch 6 and SE is the fast charging feature.

This means that you can plug in your Series 6 smartwatch for an hour and a half. Afterwards, you’ll get the watch with a full charge. It’s perfect for those who find that they often have fewer hours in the day to wait for their smartwatches to charge.

The Series 6 watch also features a longer battery life during workouts. You can set the watch to track indoor and outdoor activities. Also, despite the Series 6 boasting a great always-on display, it won’t run out of battery.

If your preference is the Apple Watch SE, then you need to be okay with it not having fast-charging. Avoid using the battery life as a criterion for picking between the two since both have similar battery life. The battery improvements in Series 6 are notable.

7. Prices of Apple Watch 6 and SE

Are you worried that the newest models will be more expensive than the earlier ones? No worries there. The great thing about the new Apple Watch 6 is that it’s cheaper than the Series 5 model.

The price of an Apple Watch Series 5 begins at 649 AUD. As we mentioned earlier, Apple Watch Series 6 costs 599 AUD. Then, you can use the extra 50 AUD for other things, like Apple Watch Series 6 bands.

A cellular Apple Watch 6 model goes for 749 AUD. This includes a GPS and cellular connection. It’s the best choice if you want to connect it to your iPhone to make calls or send messages with more ease.

If you want the cheaper option between the Apple Watch 6 and SE, pick the latter. You can get the Apple Watch SE for 429 AUD. An Apple Watch SE model with a cellular connection will cost you 499 AUD.

The connection type isn’t the only thing that affects the price of an Apple Watch. Note that the prices will vary depending on the case size, material, and watchband. Ask your local Apple Watch retailer or Apple Store for a more detailed price list. You can also compare the latest Apple Watches with the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3.

8. Apple Watch 6 vs. Apple Watch SE

Let’s summarize the differences between the two newest Apple Watch models.

The Apple Watch Series 6 is more expensive compared to the SE model. Yet, compared to its predecessor, Apple Watch 5, it’s more affordable. With its higher price comes an array of unique features.

Some of these features include SpO2 tracking, ECG tracking, and international emergency calling. The Series 6 model also uses an S6 chipset, which is faster than any other so far. It also boasts an always-on display and fast-charging features.

Apple Watch SE is a good choice for those who want an affordable watch with the latest features.

9. Alternatives to the Apple Watch 6 and SE Models

Many people are looking for cheaper alternatives to the Apple brand. Yet, no other brand can guarantee devices as reliable as Apple. It’s one of the reasons why Apple remains as a top favourite among smartwatch brands.

If you’re looking for alternatives to the Apple Watch 6 and SE, consider the Fitbit Sense smartwatch. You may also want to check Apple’s other contenders in the smartwatch market, like Garmin and Samsung.

We’ve got more in-depth guides on smart wearables. You can learn more about other great alternatives to the Apple Watch 6 and Apple Watch SE. You only need to check out our other posts on the other smartwatch brands.

Get the Latest Apple Watch

That ends our guide on the game-changing features of the new Apple Watch 6 and SE models. We hope you learned something valuable from this guide on the latest Apple Watches. We also hope that this Apple Watch review helps you discover if the Series 6 or SE model fits your needs better.

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