The Competition Has Arrived: All About the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3

The Competition Has Arrived: All About the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3

Are you looking for an upgrade to your current smartwatch?

Most people look for different things when they want to buy a smartwatch. Some look for certain features to help them keep track of their fitness. Others want watches that last long enough for them to complete their playlists.

If you want a watch that offers both these features and more, look no further than the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3. That's right, the company that made the most successful folding phone and its successor also has a new smartwatch in their catalogue.

Read on to learn all about the new Samsung Galaxy Watch 3. Check out its features and get one for yourself today!

1. Battery

Samsung's original Galaxy Watch had batteries worth bragging about. The company even made big claims about it before they released it. While the claim wasn't up to their promises, it still lasted longer than most smartwatches.

This puts lots of pressure on the Galaxy Watch 3 since people expect it to last longer than it's predecessor. If you base it only on light usage, you can surpass the original's battery life with ease. However, you should only expect it to last up to 48 hours on a single charge.

This is understandable, though, since it runs tons of processes in the background even when it's standing by. It lasts longer than it should if you consider that. You also have the option to disable these background apps to increase its battery life.

The battery life can also vary based on the model you choose. If you go for the bigger 45mm model, you can expect what's written above. If you want the smaller 41mm model, though, expect to get 1.5 days of use on a single charge.

The difference isn't too big, as you can see. What's great is that you can set it to Watch Mode to push the battery life even further. This is with you sacrificing some of the Galaxy Watch's features, though.

2. Applicable Apps

The Galaxy Watch 3 has all the basic apps that a person wants from their smartwatch. What's great is that most of the basic necessities are native in the Galaxy Watch.

You can register your Spotify account on the watch once you power it up. The app also offers offline playlist support. This is a great feature if you're going out for your usual workout routine.

The smartwatch also has Microsoft Outlook installed. This is to help users organize their schedules. You can even use it to set reminders for certain tasks.

This watch also has a handy voice recorder for you to use. It's useful if you have a spontaneous thought that you don't want to forget about during your jog. It also comes with a calendar app that can help you keep your appointments.

The watch also runs in Tizen OS. This means that it can support the apps that Tizen supports.

The list isn't as impressive as the apps that AppleOS or Windows supports. Having Tizen OS means that stream content to other devices, though. 

3. Fitness Features

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 has tons of great fitness features. This is because it's the main appeal of smartwatches. With how Samsung is, you can trust that they perfected their features to please their customers.

It has the basic elements that make smartwatches essential for fitness. An intuitive step counter that displays your total distance covered and your calories burned. This also comes with a "Run Tracking" feature to give you more accurate statistics when you go jogging.

It also has a new feature to help with running accuracy. The advanced running metrics will give you insight into how you perform and how you can improve your technique. This is thanks to the gyroscope that tracks your vertical bounce and extracts more information from that.

This feature will tell you about your ground contact time, asymmetry while running, and vertical oscillation. You can use these to improve your technique to have an easier time running.

It also has a swim tracking feature. This works by allowing you to set your routine whether it's a basic swim or a target-based one. It can also get a more accurate read on your routine if you measure the pool size first.

It tracks your total distance and compares it to the duration of your time in the water. In a target-based routine, the watch will vibrate to update you on your progress.

4. Display

The first thing you will notice about the new Galaxy Watch is its bigger screen. This is Samsung's attempt in appealing to more people by offering a more traditional look. This gives the watch a 1.4-inch display.

While it's smaller than the Apple Watch's screen, it has a greater screen-to-body ratio. This is because it has smaller bezels than the Apple Watch. It also incorporates its bezels as a rotating element to the watch.

The watch also has a 360x360 AMOLED display. This makes it look bright and colourful even if the battery is low.

5. Functionality

What's great about the watch is that it has tons of functionality native to the device. It has features like Bluetooth which offers tons of possibilities. This means that you can hook it up to different devices like your TV and Hands-free car kit.

The watch also has a slew of health trackers that give you vital information. It can monitor your stress levels and even track your sleep. It makes it a great tool to use if you want to learn more about your sleep patterns and how it affects you.

Get a Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 Today

Want to get the best smartwatch while you're out shopping? Get the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 today! Use its features and live a life of convenience now!

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