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What is the Best Bluetooth Handsfree Car Kit?

Are you the person who can't drive anywhere without turning their radio all the way up? Do you hate having to browse through AM/FM stations to find something other than overplayed songs or commercials? It sounds like it's time to invest in your love of music and get a Bluetooth handsfree car kit. Such a tool can save you much time and frustration searching for the perfect station. Not to mention, you get to be in control of what you listen to! Most Bluetooth radios are worth every penny. Although, there are arguably some that provide a better value than others. To make sure you get the absolute best speaker for the best price, check out our list of the best options available.

Special Samsung and iPhone Options

Just as the kind of music you enjoy is a personal preference, the way you listen to your music can be up to you, too. There's no reason to settle for the standard sound system that comes in your car. With the help of the following Bluetooth handsfree car kit options, you can take your listening experience to the next level. Here are the best choices to pick from for Samsung and iPhone users.

Speaker Kit for Samsung Galaxy Note

Don't want to deal with your car system at all? Have nothing to connect a traditional Bluetooth speaker to? Not to worry, the Bluetooth handsfree car kit made for the Samsung Galaxy Note clips right onto your sun visor. There's no easier installation than that! All you have to do is charge the speaker and make sure you have it with you next time you get in the car. Then, simply connect to your Galaxy Note, go to your favorite driving playlist, and enjoy. It really is that simple to solve all your music listening issues while driving.

Speaker Kit for Samsung Galaxy S4-S8

The clip design made for the Galaxy Note's Bluetooth handsfree car kit is also available for the speaker that is compatible with the Galaxy S4-S8. This makes it easy to switch speakers if you decide to trade in phones somewhere down the line. More so, it makes all the best listening options available to you, regardless of the kind of Galaxy you own. With this car kit, you can relax and kick back while your favorite songs play automatically. Such an experience is made available by intuitive auto-pairing that connects the device to your phone instantly every time you get in the car. Plus, there is a button for answering, declining, and ending phone calls, which keeps safety a top priority. It's much better to lift your hand to the sun visor real quick and push a button than to take your eyes off the road and pick up your phone in order to manage calls.

Speaker Kit for Apple iPhone 4S, 5C, 5S, 6S

Loving all the features mentioned above, but conflicted because you're more of an Apple person than a Samsung fan? You're in luck - there's a Bluetooth handsfree car kit for the iPhone, made to connect with the 4S, 5C, 5S, or 6S. These are iPhone models that most people have forgotten about in light of the 8 Plus release and the iPhone X craze. But, we know there are many users with older models who need to support their love of music, and that is where this speaker comes in. This handsfree car kit attaches to the sun visor, but in a different way than the models mentioned above. The buttons are redesigned to create a sleek, modern look. The result? A beautiful, efficient car kit that plays everything you want with an ease you can't even imagine until you experience it in the driver's seat yourself.

Speaker Kit for Apple iPhone 4-8

Just as there are a few variations of the Samsung Bluetooth handsfree car kit models, there is another iPhone option available, too. This is sure to be the best bang for your buck if you own an iPhone as old as the iPhone 4 or as recent as the iPhone 8. The Bluetooth device packs a lot of power in a small tool. It lasts for up to 17 hours after only 3 hours of charging. You can enjoy it while you're cruising down familiar roads or from a distance of 10 meters if you decide to park somewhere and take rest from driving. For particularly long distances, or if you forget to charge the device at home, keep a USB cord handy. If your car has a chord plugin for phone charging, you can use it to connect this car kit, too. Such preparation efforts ensure you always have the best tunes ready to play.

A Bluetooth Handsfree Car Kit for Any Phone

What if you don't have a Samsung Galaxy or an iPhone? Are you out of luck? No way! You just need to be a little more resourceful about the kind of Bluetooth handsfree car kit you buy. One of the best options out there is this Bluetooth FM transmitter.

FM Transmitter with USB Port

Pro tip: this device takes a little more time to set up, but it's totally worth it! To get it ready to pair, you have to connect the FM transmitter into the auxiliary socket of your car's speaker. From there, align a local radio station with the frequency of the device. Then, connect your phone via Bluetooth, put it away, and hit the road! With just a few simple steps, you're ready to take on the journey ahead with all the best tunes to accompany you.

Speakers to Enjoy Anywhere, Anytime

There's nothing like the joy of driving around with the windows down and your favorite songs playing loud and proud - especially when there are no commercials or interruptions to worry about. With the right Bluetooth handsfree car kit, it's just you, your music, and the open road. To take music with you anywhere, anytime, you may need something else. A portable speaker is the best option to keep handy. This way, you're always prepared whether you're at the beach, going to a party, or setting up camp somewhere. For the ultimate portable speaker choice, click here.
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Have non fitted bluetooth Merc A170. 2007 we have iPhone SE want to fit hands free kit. What is available? That is simple to use & fit?

Your expert advise would be appreciated.

Manfred Melloh

Manfred Melloh

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