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3 Reasons You Need The New Apple Watch 3

Apple continues to release groundbreaking products. They always create a buzz and promise to change the way people function in their everyday lives. The recent iPhone X and the Apple Watch 3 are no exception. Apple's new watch, released on September 22nd of 2017, sells for $399 with cellular service and $329 without. This third-generation device has many new features, convincing users that it's worth every penny. Here are the top three reasons why you don't want to miss out the new Apple Watch 3.

1. Apple Watch 3 is the First to Offer Cellular Connection

Cellular connection allows you to use the Apple Watch 3 to access the internet, stream music, and even make phone calls without using your cell phone. This gives you the ability to download some of the most popular apps and access them throughout the day. Completing quick interactions right from your wrist brings a whole new level of convenience. Are you planning to keep in shape for the summer by running or biking? You'll enjoy the freedom and extra pocket room that comes from leaving your phone at home. Waterproof up to 50 meters, the Apple Watch 3 is ideal for swimming and other water sports. Air pods wireless earbuds pair with your watch for the ultimate in comfort and convenience. You can even stream music right from your watch by downloading playlists or using Apple's streaming music subscription.

2. Advanced Technology Offers a World of Possibilities

The Apple Watch 3 features a dual-core processor, making it 70 percent faster than the Apple Watch 2. The faster processing allows Siri to rapidly respond and provides an improved user experience. Other advances include wireless charging and improved heart rate monitoring.

Wireless Charging

In 2018, Apple plans to release the AirPower multi-device charging pad it. It will provide the convenience of charging your Apple watch, iPhone, and air pods with a single connection. Simply drop the devices on the pad and you'll be up and running again in no time.

Improved Heart Rate Monitor

The Apple Watch 3's new heart rate monitor provides information about your resting and recovery heart rates. Altering you if your heart rate goes outside normal levels during periods of inactivity offers a new level of safety. The watch has new tracking abilities that can recognize high-intensity interval training (HIIT) and automatically group swimming laps.

3. Fashion-Forward Device with Superior Design

New case colours and designer Apple Watch bands, make it one of the most fashion-forward wearable devices. The watch face is completely customizable, allowing you to instantly see the information that is most important to you. Choose from the following amazing band designs to customize your Apple watch:
  • Sports bands
  • Woven nylon
  • Milanese loop
  • Link bracelet
  • Traditional leather
For even more options, check out the seemingly unlimited array of fashionable bands and protective cases available from third-party vendors. Want to stay on top of the latest electronic trends? Follow the Mobile Mob Facebook page to be the first to learn about the most kick-ass mobile device accessories. Image courtesy of Apple @ https://www.apple.com/apple-watch-series-3/
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