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How To Take The Perfect Selfie For Instagram on an iPhone XS

Did you know at least 93 million selfies are taken a day? What's more, Google estimates people take their phones out of their pocket 100 billion times a day. Is there anything wrong with that? Some psychological sources say yes, some say no. All that we know for sure is that technology keeps changing. New features improve or complicate our lives. The new iPhoneXS front-facing camera is even causing quite a stir. You've probably come here because you've discovered looking effortless is blue-collar gruntwork. Well, consider this your personal selfie help guide. Keep reading to find out how to capture that inner beauty.

What's With the New iPhone XS?

The release of Apple's new iPhone XS has caused a somewhat mild panic among iPhone users. The XS and the XS Max are almost a mirror image of the X - Need the best new case for your iPhone? Thankfully your current X case, will fit the XS. The difference includes an upgraded processor. The XS Max includes a bigger screen. These new editions feature a screen that is healthier for your eyes compared to older models. It increases the time you can stare at your screen before the cells start to decay. Also, the company has added an 8-megapixel front-facing camera. It includes "Smart HDR" technology and advanced algorithms that make your photos look better. It doesn't take a scientist to know that smartphone front-facing cameras have historically been trash. Hot garbage. If you're not flooded in daylight, the photo quality is considerably diminished. With this in mind, Apple attempted to improve the camera quality. So why are people complaining about it? Many people are upset because the new camera makes them look airbrushed. Compared to the iPhone X it reduces the contrast and smooths out the skin. In some photos, it appears to brighten the skin. To some, this is an undesired beauty effect. Many phones and apps employ a beauty feature. But users complain that it cannot be turned off on the front camera.

Taking a Selfie with your new iPhone XS

Phone cameras can't be as big as traditional cameras so they use a different technology. The smoothing occurs because the new method blends different exposures. The result gives a more even look. This is a way to combat the grainy look photos have in low-light. The result is, you look airbrushed in low-light. This could be a good or bad depending on your selfie motivations. Which leads us to ask the question:

Why Do People Take Selfies?

A few years ago, selfies seemed to be only for teenage girls. If you weren't a screaming preteen then you were definitely self-absorbed. Some arguments against chronic selfie-taking say its narcissistic means for a self-esteem boost. Others claim that selfie-taking helps a person to experience more gratitude and mindfulness. Somewhere between these arguments taking selfies has become a normal part of society. It doesn't matter if you're a teenage boy, a businesswoman or an artist arting up the place. Everyone can learn to take a better selfie. Let's get to it.

"Behind Every Selfie, is 37 Nearly Identical Photos That Just Didn't Make the Cut."

- UoiOnline

This is completely accurate. Before we get into the basics, it's important to know you won't get it the first time. Or the second. Or the third. To master a new technique, you have to be willing to fail at it. To finesse that new cam, commit to spending 15 to 20 minutes to take as many photos as you can. Try to hit 100. Then delete 99 of them.

Here are some basic selfie tips:

Phone Hacks

Selfie-ing is by far a one-handed art. This can make capturing the best angle difficult. To help, you can grab a selfie stick. Just load up your new phone with its case that looks like an ironic 90s mix tape and click yourself into oblivion. If your hand is all you have, never fear. Place your phone between your first and second finger. Then use your other two fingers to support its weight. This will leave your thumb free to click the shutter button. Last, make sure your lens is clean. A dirty screen will make your photos hazy.


When you find yourself in awe of a photograph, you are admiring the art of the composition. Composition is what seasoned photographers use to get the best picture every time. Here are a few that can help with taking a selfie.
1. Rule of thirds This is the most common composition tool. Imagine that the square image is divided into 9 sections. This looks like a tic-tac-toe board or a straight hashtag (#). You want to place the subject of your image along one of the lines or where the lines meet. This would be you on a vertical line and the scenery of your bedroom on a horizontal line. The rule of thirds is especially helpful if you wear glasses.
2. Know your focus Know what you want to highlight in the picture. This determines your placement for the rule of thirds. Do you have a great smile? Do your eyes shine like diamonds? Did you order a bomb protein shake? Knowing what parts you want to accentuate in your selfie will help make it look better.
3. Don't cut off limbs Keep a close watch on the outer frame of your screen. Cutting off the tops of heads can ruin an otherwise great photo. This holds true for full body images as well. Cutting off an arm or leg can distract from the focus of the image.
4. Fill the frame This is an example of when it's okay to cut off heads. If you are in a scenery that you don't want to showcase, zoom way in. You can use the camera's zoom feature or bring the phone closer to you. On the iPhoneX and XS, you can use portrait mode to make the background less busy. Make sure you know what the focus of your photo is with this technique. Otherwise, you'll freak-out the people looking at your pics.


Lighting is the single most important aspect of the selfie. Our eyes are super-powered machines that take in light to show an image. Ample light is essential for cameras to reflect what we see. Here are some tips that will revolutionize your selfie:
1. Indirect Light You've heard this over and over: The best light is natural light. It's a cliche by now, but it's true. If you want a soft looking selfie, indirect natural light is the way to go. You can stand in front of an open window or doorway to get the best indirect light. It's hard to achieve soft light in the middle of the day. If you find yourself in this position, put down the filters! Find the sun and place it directly behind your head. This will act like a "hair light" and soften the shadows on your face. This will also eliminate "squint-face". Back-lighting is great for those that wear glasses. If you are taking a full-length mirror pic, you'll want the full natural light or light in front of you.
2. Direct Light If contrast is what you're into, then direct light is for you. If you can't find a natural source, any front facing light will do. This is why pictures in fancy hotel bathrooms look so good. Play with light from different angles to create stunning images.
3. Reflectors Photographers and videographers use reflectors on a regular basis. Reflectors bounce the light into areas where there is none. Two common types are white and foil. A white reflector will bounce soft light. You can use a cut piece of white poster board for this. Foil reflectors bounce light that's a little harsher but add sparkle to your photos. You can use a book or piece of cardboard wrapped in foil for this. Play around with colors as well. Colors like orange or blue can change the feel of an image and add life to your skin. Dark colors like black, create more contrast and absorb unwanted light.
4. Gadgets Alas, there is not always good lighting everywhere we carry our phones. This is why the selfie light exists today. Some lights attach to your phone. Others are LED phone cases.

A Smile Is An Inexpensive Way to Improve Your Looks

-Andy Rooney

Smile in your photos if the duck/pout/smize isn't your thing. Don't compare yourself to other people. If your best feature is your dazzling smile, show it off. Make sure any face you make is sincere. A fake smile will come through if your eyes aren't engaged. Facing the camera straight-on can make you look friendlier. The different angles contain impressions you are giving off to your audience. If you want to take a picture of yourself eating pizza, you don't have to have it in your mouth. Try capturing yourself holding the food. Everyone will assume you are about to eat it.

Angles - To Cam Tilt Or Not To Cam Tilt

There are differing opinions on whether one should tilt the camera or tilt the face. Well, both are true. During your 100 selfie challenge, rotate your face 360 degrees to find your best angle. Is the front the best? A bit to the right? Experimenting in this manner will help you find your best look. Holding the camera a little above the eye line is a common flattering angle. The camera tilted toward you will make your eyes and forehead look larger. Facing straight into the camera may make your face look rounder. If this isn't what you're going for, try turning your head. You'll want to be mindful of the angle of light if you wear glasses to eliminate glare. Angles also apply to full-length mirror pics. Try arching out a hip and putting one leg back to create depth. If this doesn't work, you can cross one leg over the other. Also, try putting your hand high on your hip.

Filter or not to filter

Adding a filter to photo is another controversial topic. Some people feel it looks too inauthentic while others live by their filters. Try out a few to see what works best. The iPhone XS has a set of its own filters but you can also download an app. Some people find that adjusting contrast or other features is all they need. In this way, they can hold onto that natural glow. Others have discovered apps like Facetune, SymSide, and AirBrush. These are beauty apps that allow you to enhance different aspects of your photo. Try these if you want to accentuate your eye color or remove a blemish.

"Believe in Your Selfie"


Selfies can be a way to set benchmarks for your health and fitness goals. Capturing achievements in your life and sharing with friends can boost personal growth. If you want your selfies to look better, consider dressing better. If you are into makeup, try learning the best way to use it. The self-appreciation will boost your confidence way up. More confidence will lead you to more achievements. Phone technology will be there every step of the way to act as medium and muse. The features of the iPhone XS are proof of this. Check out Mobile Mob to stay ahead of the curve.
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