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How To Replace And Clean Fitbit Flex Bands

22.295 million Fitbits were sold in 2016 and it's little wonder. Fitbit is a great way to stay in shape, monitor your health, and look great doing it. Fitbit Flex bands are stylish and functional, but like any accessory, they require a little TLC every now and then. Here's a quick guide to cleaning and -- when required -- replacing your Fitbit band.


Keeping Fitbit Flex bands clean and dry can extend the lifetime of the band itself as well as keep your skin from becoming irritated. How you maintain the band will depend on what its made of. Here are some pointers specific to the common band materials.

Elastomer Bands

Elastomer Fitbit bands are great for everyday and hard workout use. Regular cleaning  is a must for this type of band as it often comes into contact with sweat as you work out. The band should be rinsed with water or wiped down with a small amount of rubbing alcohol after working out or sweating. It's not recommended you use hand soap, dish soap, hand sanitizers, cleaning wipes or household cleaners as these can get trapped under the band and irritate your skin. If the band accumulates a buildup of lotion or oils from sunscreen, moisturizers, etc, then cleaning with a soap-free cleanser is recommended. The band should be thoroughly rinsed after each clean and dried well before being worn again. 

Leather Bands

Leather Fitbit bands look great but aren't recommended for hard workouts as they're not sweat or water resistant. They are perfect if you are looking for a band for your Fitbit to suit your outfit. To clean, simply wipe the band down with a lint-free, non-abrasive cloth. The cloth can be lightly dampened with water if required. When drying the band be sure to keep it out of direct sunlight and high temperatures. These can cause damage or discoloration of the band over time.

Metal Bands

Metal bands are a great to make your Fitbit Flex stand out. They aren't intended for high-intensity workouts or during sleep.This is because the metal material used isn't water or sweat resistant. To clean your metal band simply wipe it down with a lint-free, non-abrasive cloth. The cloth can be lightly dampened with water if needed. It's not recommended you soak a metal band as this can cause discoloration or tarnishing. Dry out of direct sunlight.

Nylon Bands

Nylon Fitbit Flex bands are great for use during normal, daily activity. Extended contact with water or sweat can impact the overall appearance and quality of the band. To clean, use a lint-free, non-abrasive cloth. You can also hand wash the Fitbit band in cold water with mild soap if required. Make sure you rinse the band thoroughly. The band should be air dried, avoiding direct sunlight and high temperatures.

Replacing Fitbit Flex Bands

Fitbit bands are designed to be easily switched out, so replacing the old band on your Fitbit Flex is a walk in the park. If you need a new Flex band check out our range here Just follow these 3 easy steps.

1. Remove the Fitbit

The Fitbit Flex itself can be accessed through a small slit on the back of the wristband. To remove the Fitbit Flex, pry the wristband slit open, bending the rubber of the band if needed, and gently remove the Fitbit.

2. Put on Your New Fitbit Band

Place your new Fitbit band on your wrist so that the outside of your wrist is close to the outside lights of the band. The lights should face you. Fit the band to your wrist until it sits comfortably.

3. Insert the Tracker

With your new wristband still on, insert your Fitbit tracker. The grey arrow on the Fitbit should be facing up as you insert it into the wristband. If positioned correctly, the arrow will point toward the holes of the band.

In Conclusion

Taking a few minutes out of your day to maintain your Fitbit band ensures it stays useful and stylish whether you're on your morning jog or pitching the latest venture in the office. Looking to get more out of your Fitbit? Check out this essential guide to Fitbit pay and get ready to buy your morning coffee with your smartwatch.
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