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The Moment Lens: A Must-Have for Mobile Photography

Taking pictures and sharing them with other people has become a critical selling point for mobile phones. Nearly all mobile phone owners report taking pictures is a feature they use often. Phones can take great pictures, but sometimes you may want more. Luckily, there are ways to improve your phone's capabilities. Are you someone who wants to get past those limitations and take higher quality mobile phone pictures? Read below how using a Moment lens will help you achieve that goal!

Better Picture Quality

People like to take pictures with their phones because it is easy. They always have their phone, so they never miss a picture worthy moment. Choosing to purchase a Moment lens takes that ability to the next level. It gives your mobile phone the power of a professional camera. There are interchangeable lenses to use for landscapes, up-close photography, and more. Using these lenses allow you to capture images in more detail and clarity.

Ease of Use

Moment lenses are simple to use. They mount to your phone by use of their photo cases that are made of protective rubber. To attach a lens, you line up the lens with the case and twist. This provides a sturdy and safe way to use your new lens. The Moment lens family also is very smooth to use due to the mobile app that is available. The app gives you options while taking a picture to help capture a better image. One fun aspect of the Moment app is a feature that gives you assignments to help you get better at photography and improve your creativity. You can also input what lens you are using at the time. This info will be included in the file info so the images are easier to sort later on. This app definitely is one your iPhone shouldn't be without.

Stylistic Lens Options

Another benefit to investing in lenses from Moment is that there are different options to suit your photography style. First, there is the telephoto lens. This is great for portraits or landscape shots. There is also a wide angle lens. This lets you capture a larger area when shooting landscape photos. The wide angle lens can also be helpful when taking large group photos. The macro lens has a built-in light diffuser so it can capture a high level of detail. While newer iPhones can already zoom in for detail, when combined with a macro lens, the outcome is breathtaking. Finally, there is the superfish lens. This is helpful when shooting a small space.

High-Quality Product

Lenses from Moment are a quality product that you won't regret investing in. They are heavy and sturdy. They are made of metal and a very high-quality glass. With proper care and storage, your lenses will last you a long time.

Get your Moment Lens Today

As you can see, utilizing lenses from Moment can open up many doors for you and your journey into mobile phone photography. Whether you want to start shooting landscapes while traveling or document your family through portraits, there is a lens for you. Which lens are you most excited to test out first? Let us know in the comments!
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