Japan Advanced Robotics and the Building of a Walking Gundam Robot That Is Over 60-Foot-Tall

Japan Advanced Robotics and the Building of a Walking Gundam Robot That Is Over 60-Foot-Tall

From massive skyscraper size giant robots to playful robot dogs, humans have long imagined wondrous and powerful breakthroughs in robotics. Deeper within the quest of robots comes the literal heart and brain of many science fiction curiosity, AI.

AI, or artificial intelligence, is no longer a product of science fiction stories. It is a burgeoning technology that is driving robotics and much more. 

To wrap our heads around this science fiction dream turned reality, let's look at some artificial intelligence facts. The truth may surprise you!

Breaking Down Artificial Intelligence Facts

During this lockdown, many people look toward the future to help keep their hopes up. The build of AI is an interesting dynamic and one that only grows by the day.

For those who don't know, AI is a type of computer program that uses complex learning tools to replicate the pattern recognition and critical thinking of humans. It combines the speed of computing with the logic of humans. 

This technology has helped improve many industries, including the face of robotics which we'll dive into more detail in a bit. There is a lot to AI and it is only growing, so let's break down the details.

1. The Many Faces of AI

AI is a blanket term that covers many different routes to a similar goal. It has had names like machine learning, deep learning, and deep interference, to name a few. 

Each of these different names represents a different tweak to the definition of AI. This is due to a great number of routes to achieving the learned intelligence of AI. These are commonly powering popular big data applications like those used on your favourite sports trackers, smart watches, and smartphones. 

2. The AI Economic Contribution

In almost every industry involving data, engineering, and calculations, which is most of them, AI has a major role in that industry's growth. This means that AI has a big impact on the global economy, with estimates in the trillions of dollars. 

A report from PwC, a data analytics company, estimates the GDP increase from AI to represent over 15.7 trillion dollars. 

3. AI and Autonomous Vehicles

Autonomous vehicles are getting a lot of traction, with lots of big-name industries rolling out test cars that show a lot of promise. Within a decade, many predict the automated vehicle industry to be worth billions.

AI is the backbone of these autonomous cars. AI helps to piece together and run the software that helps these vehicles take in so much around them and react with lightning reflexes.

If the industry continues to push, there could be a huge shift in the auto industry itself. The effect of AI would only expand from there.

4. The AI Run Home System

Many of us have already had interactions with an AI in our lives, right in our own home.

Programs like Siri, Amazon Echo, and Cortana are all AI programs and have brought a level of convenience to our homes. These home systems have huge popularity in the market.

Amazon made the biggest dive with the Echo, but everyone else is not far behind. Soon there will be a massive market for AI run home systems.

A neat fact to add is that many of the voices for these AI-run systems are female. There have been many studies over the years that most people find female voices more soothing and easier to interact with compared to a male voice. 

5. AI Marketing 

Did you know that a lot of the targeted ads you find on the internet come from AI? They take in shopping history and other public internet use and use it to predict your next purchase.

This has become a common practice at Amazon and as the software develops may be the go-to marketing foundation. 

6. Concerns Over AI in Job Markets

It isn't all sunshine and convenience when it comes to AI. Many predict that AI will lead to a loss of jobs or even worse.

Elon Musk has been an outspoken critic of AI, fearing that it is only inevitable before AI damages the economy and even become uncontrolled threats to humanity. He has raised the point of regulations and bans of AI weapons for years. 

7. Nautilus and the AI Oracle

Nautilus is an AI supercomputer whose purpose has become a sort of AI oracle. By feeding Nautilus various news articles, Nautilus has been able to predict events and future concepts.

The study has used older news articles to predict the events that followed. The success they have found has led them to push for more current events and future predictions. 

8. The AI vs Human Comparison

The big thought on a lot of people's brains, even more so after reading a fact list like this, is how soon will AI surpass humans.

The good news is AI is nowhere near a human's full potential. The current thought is that AI will work at about one-tenth of human's capacity by 2035.

That said, the potential of AI is far beyond human capability. That said, AI still lacks the one critical thing they need and that is the ability to think on their own.

AI does what works in their programming, nothing more. Until they have the ability of natural, critical thought, they will always be a function of what we tell them. 

9. The Future of AI and Giant Robots

While all these facts are neat, there is a reason why you are here. Gundam Factory Yokohama has been building a functional scale model of the popular giant robots from the Gundam series. 

This robot stands at over 18 meters tall and weighs 25 tons or more. It will be capable of limited movement, making it the largest functional robot. 

While the robot is not controlled by AI, AI has helped to improve many engineering feats such as this. For the next few decades, the future of AI will be at the speed of progress, crafting impressive products like this at rates unheard of. 

The Best Tech in the Palm of Your Hand

These artificial intelligence facts provide an interesting look into what is coming in the future. While perfect AI may still be many years off, it is now far from simple science fiction.

For now, though, there are many wonderful and unique gadgets we can use today. From smartphones to cool accessories, tech remains an explosive industry.

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