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8 Best Fitness Apps for iPhone

Getting in better shape requires getting more exercise and eating healthier...sounds simple, right? In the real world, your fitness can be derailed by tempting foods, lack of motivation, lack of time, insufficient information, and more. That's why the fitness and weight loss industry is such a huge one. One way to enhance your fitness is to use one of the few items you probably take everywhere: your phone. To find out where to start, try these best fitness apps for iPhone below.

Best Fitness Apps for iPhones

If you're looking to turn your phone into a fitness tool, here are some apps to try:

Carrot Fit

Carrot Fit tackles two of the most common hurdles for fitness: time and motivation. The app gives you step-by-step seven-minute workouts of intensive intervals. These workouts are designed to be done anywhere (no gym needed) so anyone can fit them into their schedule. At the same time, Carrot Fit offers incentives for your performance. If you do well, you'll earn rewards and prizes. If not, you'll get a verbal lashing -- with a sense of humor, of course. As an added bonus, Carrot Fit syncs with the Health app on your iPhone X or other iPhone models to help you track your progress.

Nike Training Club

Sometimes you know what you want to accomplish but you're not sure how to get there. That's when the Nike Training Club app can help. Whether you want to lose weight, run a 5k, or tone a specific body area, the Nike Training App has a variety of plans. Based on your goals, the app gives you step-by-step workouts to help you get there.

My Fitness Pal

One of the most frustrating parts of trying to get into better shape is that a poor diet can fight the effects of your hard work. That's why it's important to find a balance between your diet and exercise regimen. My Fitness Pal is all about that balance. It's a central app that tracks your exercise and your food diary, giving you a specific calorie goal based on the end result you want. To track your exercise, My Fitness Pal syncs with Fitbit exercise trackers and other wearables. If you don't have one of these devices or you're doing a workout that wearables don't track well, you can manually input your exercise. To track your food intake, the app's food diary lets you choose from an impressive database of foods. You can even build and save recipes to track unique dishes.


If you're the type who benefits from a more customized fitness plan, Fitocracy may be your best bet. It's basically a personal trainer on your phone. The Fitocracy app will start you with a fitness assessment so they'll know your strengths and weaknesses. Based on your assessment and your goals, they'll send you personalized workouts designed to help you see the type of progress you're seeking. Rest assured that Fitocracy doesn't leave out the all-important diet component. Your trainer will also send you customized nutrition plans that align with your goals. On top of it all, they'll help you stay motivated along the way.

Charity Miles

Some people struggle with making time for fitness because they're too busy taking care of others to worry about themselves. Charity Miles lets you do both at the same time. Through Charity Miles, you'll select a charity you want to support. Using your phone's GPS, they'll track your workouts. For every mile you run, your chosen charity will receive 25 cents. If you prefer biking, they'll get 10 cents for every mile you bike. Keep in mind that you have to share your activity on social media for your charity to earn their donations. You can use this as an added incentive. No one wants to get that call from Grandma saying, "I noticed you haven't run in a week."

Map My Run

Map My Run is one of the most popular fitness apps available, and for good reason. Using the GPS in your phone, the app tracks your workout route on a map while also logging your exact distance and your speed along the way. Keep in mind that the app works just as well for walkers as runners. Map My Run also has a built-in feature that makes it easy to share your workouts on social media, in case you want that added accountability. The only downside is that this app isn't helpful for those who run on a treadmill.

Yoga Studio: Mind & Body

If you're focusing on yoga to meet your fitness goals, there's no shortage of yoga apps available. Yoga Studio, however, stands out as a particularly high-quality choice. Many yoga apps use pictures alone to show you the poses. But as any true yogi knows, you really need to see the transitions from one pose to the next and see an actual person performing them if you want to do it right. Yoga Studio: Mind & Body features high-quality videos instead. This app's variety is impressive as well, with classes ranging from ten minutes to an hour and spanning all difficulty levels. If you're not sure if it's the right fit, try their two-week free trial.

IronGAINS: Weight Training Log

For someone who uses weight machines and strength training, there's nothing more frustrating than forgetting what weight or number of reps you're supposed to complete a certain exercise. This app makes it easy. IronGAINS lets you track your weights and reps, but it also helps you track your resulting progress. It can store photos (ideal for bodybuilders) and also alert you when you set new records.

Your iPhone As a Fitness Tool

You use your phone for everything from communication to paying bills, so why not make it work for your health, too? These best fitness apps for iPhone above make it easy for anyone to transform their iPhone into a powerful piece of workout equipment. For more ways to enjoy your iPhone, or to show your iPhone some love with a new designer case (or other mobile phone) even more, shop Mobile Mob.
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