7 Amazing Tips for Taking Pictures With Your iPhone

7 Amazing Tips for Taking Pictures With Your iPhone

Do you still carry your hefty digital camera to all your important events? Do you wish there was an easier way to capture life's little moments without always having your extra-large camera bag over your shoulder? 

You want to take great pictures, but you also want convenience and portability. Which one will you choose? 

Taking pictures with your iPhone is now just as good as your heavy camera. Read on for tips to take amazing pictures even when all you have with you is your iPhone.

Benefits of Taking Pictures With Your iPhone

Today’s iPhone has come a long way from the 2.0 megapixel on the first phone 13 years ago. iPhone photography today offers many options normally reserved for large, bulky cameras.

Some specialty photography tricks can now be done with your phone. All it takes to change your shutter speed or switch to a telephoto lens is a simple pinch of your fingers or tap of the screen.

You can now make adjustments to lighting and shutter speed. You can also shoot videos or action shots. You can even choose between telephoto or panoramic views depending on what you are photographing.

Here are a few tips to take better pictures with iPhone cameras instead of your digital camera.  

Tip 1: Watch Your Lighting

The shutter speed options are becoming more and more sophisticated with the cameras on the newest iPhones. This allows you to make lighting-based changes to your pictures.

You can change your shutter speed to find better lighting. You can also now add some depth to your pictures so you can focus on a close-up subject while still capturing the beauty of the background image.

Tip 2: Adjust the Brightness

Along the same lines as the shutter speed, you can adjust the brightness of your pictures, as well. To make your subject brighter, use the Color and Light adjustment tool by holding onto your subject until the light bulb comes on the screen.

Then adjust the brightness until you are happy with it. This makes brightening your subjects as simple as a tap of your finger. Today's iPhone allows you to improve not only the lighting and brightness but to take fun action shots, as well. 

Tip 3: Catch Those Action Shots

Another great feature you can now do with your iPhone camera is capturing action shots with burst mode.

To do this, simply hold your finger down on the shutter button on your camera screen. This will allow you to capture a set of photos all at once. You can pick one to share, or share the whole action sequence.

Just because you chose to bring your phone instead of your digital camera doesn't mean you're limited to certain shots. With a few iPhone photography tips, great pictures aren't just reserved for digital cameras.

Tip 4: Choose From One of Three Lenses

You aren't limited to point and shoot anymore with your iPhone. There are now multiple lenses already available to you, as well as additional lenses you can add to your phone.

Over the years, the iPhone camera has improved drastically.

The newest versions of the iPhone, which now have three lenses, give you multiple options to take your pictures. You can choose to take either wide, extra-wide, or telephoto pictures.

Use these iPhone camera tips to take better pictures when you can't bring your digital camera with you.

Tip 5: Make Use of A Tripod

You can quickly reach for your iPhone and capture the precious moments in life, but sometimes when things aren't moving its great to have a sturdy hand! By using an iPhone tripod you can capture the perfect shot or footage without any shake. Long video chats with Zoom or Facebook cause the dreaded dead arm. 

From an impromptu shot of your little one or to show off the amazing views from a recent hike, the options are endless. If you want to add an additional external lens, you can do that, as well. 

There are now multiple lenses already available to you, as well as additional lenses you can add to your phone. Thanks to these additions, iPhone photography looks better than ever. 

Tip 6: Have Fun With Your Selfie Cam

Did you know the now-infamous selfie cam wasn't introduced until 2010 with the iPhone 4? It wasn’t until the iPhone 7 Plus in 2016 that you could have fun with the portrait mode.

Now, you can take the perfect selfie with the new iPhone XS.

Wherever your adventures take you, share it with the world using your selfie cam.

Tip 7: Get Close With Your Telephoto Camera 

The telephoto lens, along with the additional camera, was introduced in the iPhone 8 Plus, whereas the iPhone 8 still had the standard camera. So, if you find yourself taking a large number of telephoto pictures, the lenses on the Plus cameras will have this feature available to you. 

With the above iPhone photography tips and tricks, you can get great pictures with almost any iPhone.

Take Great Pictures (Even With Your iPhone)

The iPhone camera has changed so much over the years that most users find it more than enough camera for their daily photographic needs. From a soccer game to a simple walk to the park, you can take pictures whenever you like.

There's no need to carry both your phone and your camera as long as you make sure you have your phone in your pocket. So, the next time your kids do something extra cute, just reach into your back pocket and start taking pictures with your iPhone instead.

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