Which Fitbit Should I Buy & What’s Best For Gym?

Which Fitbit Should I Buy & What’s Best For Gym?

Fitbit has set the pace for technological advancements over the years with its wearable fitness devices, continuing to improve the lives of people. They have been able to wow consumers with their heavily researched and high-quality fitness devices.


Some of Fitbit’s earliest fitness tracking functions include badges, calorie burn counters and step counters. The company was able to get their fitness devices close to consumers by pairing them with smartphones.

The company has grown massively over the past several years, adding a wide variety of products to its collection. It has been able to identify the various needs of people who have in turn facilitated its success over the years.


The company provides many products that include devices such as the Fitbit Charge 3, Fitbit Ace 2, Fitbit Flex 2, Fitbit Ionic and Fitbit Alta HR among others.


If you are looking for a Fitbit to help you track your workouts in the gym, the information provided in this guide will hopefully help you decide on the best Fitbit for your needs. 


Fitbit Alta HR



One of the most popular trackers introduced by Fitbit in 2017 was the Fitbit Alta HR. This device comes with a smart design and some great features. It represents one of the best gym and fitness companions because it has a heart rate tracker.


The other features found in this device include; 

- Compatibility with Android, Windows and iOS devices
- The devices’ battery life lasts relatively long and stays charged for about seven days
- Interchangeable bands on the Fitbit Alta HR so you can dress it up
- It has a sleek and comfortable design
-  It can give accurate readings of your heart rate

Some of the limitations of using this device include:

- It does not have a good display whilst operating in bright light.
- The device is not waterproof
- It does not have guided breathing sessions
- It does not have a timer

Fitbit Charge 3



The Fitbit Charge 3 is an improvement on the Fitbit Charge 2 and has excellent features that differentiate it from other devices. The Charge 3 is one of the best devices to use if you want to work out.


Some of its unique features include;

- The device has incredible health and fitness features. This feature allows users to choose from a variety of exercise modes. Some of the available modes include; yoga, biking, swimming and running. Users are given an opportunity to set the number of calories they would like to burn during the workout and when the target is reached the device vibrates to give you the notification.
- Design makes it easy to change the bands on the Fitbit Charge 3 to suit your lifestyle
- It is water resistant; hence it will allow those who like swimming to enjoy the workout activity. The device has a swim mode allowing you track your swimming activities in real time and get data from the Fitbit app so you know your laps and pace.
- The screen is made of Gorilla Glass, making it durable and able withstand intense workouts
- It has a battery life of about five days

Some of the disadvantages of this device include;

- The device has a monochrome display that makes it appear dull
- It lacks music controls and does not have a music storage feature
- It doesn’t have a GPS 
- It cannot download applications

Fitbit Versa Lite



This device packs some great features and is also affordable.


Some of its unique features include;

- It has a connected GPS which will allow you to tether it with your smartphone
- The device is waterproof which enables swimmers to track their swimming activities with ease
- The device also provides a platform for heart rate monitoring and sleep tracking
- Fitbit Versa Lite is suitable for women as it facilitates women’s health tracking
- The battery life of this device lasts up to five days depending on your usage

Fitbit Ionic

The advantages of this device include;

- It can track your workout activities. It consists of various exercise modes and detects the exercises as you do them. The data obtained is easily synchronized to the Fitbit app facilitating your tracking of activities.
- It has Fitbit Pay. The device has NFC which facilitates payments when you have the supported cards.
- It has a long battery life and lets you operate the it for a minimum of four days depending on your usage.
- It has large music storage so you can enjoy playing music
- It is water resistant
- It has a workout coach, enabling you to have a guided workout session

The main disadvantage of this device is;

- Its payment system does not include many options for worldwide accepted cards

Fitbit Inspire & Fitbit Inspire HR




This more recent pair of devices are suitable for anyone who wants to track their fitness and general workout activity.


Some of their amazing features include;

- The HR version has a heart rate monitor

- They are water resistant so swimmers can enjoy working out and monitoring their activities
- The battery can stay charged for up to five days between charges
- A customized dashboard allows the user to track a variety of activities such as the calories burned, sleep and other activities
- The devices have guided breathing sessions enabling you to find the calmer moments of your day based on your heart rate.
- They have a variety of exercise modes where the user has the freedom to choose their preference.
- Beautiful coloured bands for the Fitbit Inspire and HR
- They have an OLED display which makes it respond fast to touches
- The devices are compatible with various operating systems such as Android, iOS and Windows
- The devices come in different colours and designs 



- These devices are expensive

Fitbit Ace 2




This device is specially developed for kids who are six years or older.


Some of its features include;

- It is water resistant 
- It has a battery life that lasts for up to five days depending on the usage
- It is a useful device for activity and sleep tracking
- The device has parental controls which help parents to track the workout activities of their kids.
- The device is compatible with iOS, Android and Windows operating systems.

Fitbit Flex 2

This device has the following advantages;

- It is water resistant
- It helps you track your workouts
- It has SmartTrack automatic exercise tracking which detects the exercise activity you are involved in and records it in the Fitbit app.


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