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Top 10 iPhone Workout Tracker Apps For 2018

Fitness related goals are always at the top of any New Year's "resolution." Here at Mobile Mob Australia we understand that whilst getting healthy is a common desire, it can be difficult to stick to fitness resolutions. Are you planning on making changes in your life to get healthy? In order to make sure you stick with it, check out the top ten workout tracker apps that will lead to success!

1. Nike+ Run Club

To start the list of apps you need to check out for 2018, there is Nike+ Run Club. While there are various trackers designed for running, this one works flawlessly if you have an Apple Watch. This app has GPS that will track the distance and location of your runs. It stores years worth of runs so you can see your long-term progression or compare your runs. Another great feature? You can add and follow friends through the app. Because you are able to share your activity, you can work together to keep everyone on track with their fitness goals. Nike+ Run Club also offers training programs at varying levels, depending on your experience and running goals.

2. Couch to 5k

If you are interested in running for the first time in a while, you may want to choose Couch to 5k for your first workout tracker. This app is excellent for true beginners. In nine short weeks, you will go from walking a mile to running a successful 5k. The training plan is easy to fit into even busy schedules. There are usually anywhere from one to three workouts per week.

3. Fitbit

If you decide to purchase a Fitbit, the companion app will give you a deep look into your activity. The Fitbit app has evolved over the years and now provides tracking for many health-related factors. One benefit to using Fitbit as your workout tracker? If you are carrying your phone and forget to wear your Fitbit, the app will still capture the steps you take. Be sure to clean your Fitbit to ensure it lasts. You can compete with friends in challenges to keep motivated and moving every day. The Fitbit app also provides you with information on how well and long you are sleeping.

4. Charity Miles

Want some extra motivation for running or biking? Charity Miles gives you the chance to give back while getting healthy. This workout app allows you to choose a charity that sponsors will donate a certain amount of money every time your workout. While the amounts may seem small at first, the more people who use the app, the better.

5. Sworkit

Do you like variety? Sworkit, which is short for "Simply Work It" may be perfect for you. This app gives you the choice to select workout length and areas to focus on. You can select anywhere from five to sixty-minute lengths. This app is great for anyone who doesn't have access to a gym. Most of the workouts rely on just using your body weight and can be done anywhere. The app gives you options for strength, cardio, yoga, and stretching.

6. Fitocracy

It is well known that a reward-based system can help us build or break habits. Fitocracy uses this principle to help you achieve your fitness or weight loss goals. With this workout tracker, you earn points any time you workout. With these points, you unlock awards, raise your level, and take part in various quests. With this app, there is a large community you will join. This will help you remain accountable to your goals.

7. Strava Running and Cycling

Strava is the workout tracker you should choose if you enjoy running and cycling. The app allows you to track your run or ride and analyze your performances over time. Similar to other apps, Strava lets you earn achievements and compete with friends to stay active. It also has set training plans you can take advantage of.

8. Nike Training Club

This workout tracker has more than one hundred videos at all levels. The videos in Nike Training Club are guided so you will always know what is coming up. With this app, you are also able to choose a training plan to follow. A bonus to this app is that your favourite athlete just might have a video you can work out to. Some examples include Ellie Goulding, Kevin Hart, and Kyah Simon. These workouts can be done anywhere, so you don't even need access to a gym.

9. My Fitness Pal

MyFitnessPal seamlessly syncs with various activity trackers that track your heart rate to give you insight into how many calories you are burning. But if you don't use a fitness tracker, don't fear. MyFitnessPal also has a library of exercises you can choose from to keep track of any workout you did. One huge benefit to using this app as a workout tracker is that is also is one of the best calorie counters. This means you will be able to see calories in versus calories out in order to reach your goals.


For anyone into lifting at the gym, JEFIT is a perfect fit. Many people carry notebooks when lifting to keep track of sets and what weight they need to use that day. This app bypasses pen and paper and allows you to use your phone to easily keep track of your workout. You can create your own workout with all your favourite exercises. If you don't have a specific routine just yet, JEFIT also has a bunch of preset options available for free.

Choose Your Workout Tracker for the New Year

Now that you have ten great fitness apps to choose from, what are you waiting for? Whether you prefer running or lifting weights, there is a workout tracker for you. By researching and choosing the perfect app for you, you are ensuring you will be successful in reaching your fitness goals. Which app do you plan on using in the new year? Let us know in the comments!
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