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Simple Guide to Samsung Galaxy Charger Cable Types

Judgement day is here and you need a new Samsung Galaxy charger. Whether it's an extra cord for your Samsung Galaxy phone or a replacement because the last one gave up on you, getting mobile phone cables when you don't know what to get in the first place is a trial in of itself. Here is a simple and comprehensive guide to help you to help you ease your burdens. To get the right charger and cable, you first need to understand what a USB is. Not surprising is that there are also many types of USB charger cables.

What is a USB?

Phones usually follow a standard when it comes to charging ports and, in this case, it's the universal serial bus. The universal serial bus (USB) is a popular connection used to connect two devices. Chargers and phone use this connection and here is a list of these different USB types used in Samsung Galaxy charger.


This USB is the most commonly used to connect devices to computers and power outlet adapters. This type of USB is only used for data transfer between two devices or for charging your device.


You can use this USB to connect a device to peripherals (or accessories) and has a different shape from the standard USB-A. Examples of peripherals are printers and hard drives. The creation of this USB type is to prevent the connection of two mobile devices.


This USB type is relatively new to the USB scene and it has a higher transfer speed and power flow than the previous two USB types. This USB can transfer up to 10 GB/s, saving you time when you transfer files to and from your phone. Along with this, this USB type has a different design the USB type A and B which you can plug in either right side up or upside down.


This USB type is similar to the USB-C in size but it is slightly different. This USB type is the most common among the mobile device users and it is for cameras and other gadgets that require a smaller connection. This USB type also allows your phone to read data from a source such as memory sticks and flash drives without needing the use of a computer.

USB Versions

USBs come in different forms and speeds depending on its version. As technology progresses, so did the need for better connections had to keep up with better phones. The speed of a USB 3.0 cable and USB 3.1 cable are five GB/s and ten GB/s respectively. The advantage of this USB is that it has backward capabilities meaning that you can use this cable on ports that only support older USB types. You can identify the USB 3-A and USB 3-B by the blue plastic inside the USB end.

Know your Mobile Phone

If you haven't done so already, it's important that you get to know all the details your device. Like fitness bands and smartwatches, there are many versions and models of smartphones from Samsung. The Galaxy series has around 14 different categories and features the S Series and Note series which have different specifications for each. In this case, you need to know the ports that your phone has so you can find a compatible cable for your device and here is how.

Steps to Identifying Your Cellphone

Across the different Galaxy phones that Samsung has released, you might be finding yourself confused with exactly what phone you have. Here are the steps in identifying your Samsung Galaxy device.

Hard Print Approach

Open the back cover of your device and check if the model name is on the back of your device. Look at your battery if you still cannot see the model but do not force your battery out of your phone if it's not removable.

Settings Approach

If you're still don't know which model you have, you can your phone by selecting the settings application. Once opened, you can access your phones information by navigating to the "System" tab and selecting "About Phone".

Box Approach

If all else fails, you might consider looking for the box your phone came in. Your phone information, including the model name, will be printing on the box or the manual that came with your device. However, it's important to know that methods of finding your device info can vary from phone to phone due to differences in design or operating system versions. Once you've noted down the name of the device, the next step is checking your device specifications needed to pick the right Samsung Galaxy charger.

Which USB Does Your Device Use?

Depending on available technology and other factors, phone manufacturers change the ports on their phones used for charging or connecting devices over time. Now that you know your device, you can check the following list to see what Samsung Galaxy charger connects to your phone. S Series Samsung Galaxy S to Samsung Galaxy S7: Micro USB Samsung Galaxy S8: USB-C Note Series Samsung Galaxy Note to Samsung Galaxy Note 5: Micro USB Samsung Galaxy Note 7 to Note 8: USB-C If your phone is not on the list, you can find out your USB type by checking your phone on the official Samsung site. Another method you can do is to check what port it's using by checking your device info using benchmark applications available in the app store.

USB Cable Lengths

Micro USB cables come in different lengths to suit your needs. The shortest ones range from 3 inches to 6 inches. Most cables start at 1.5m to 3m long, like the micro USB charger for the Samsung Galaxy Note and the Samsung Galaxy S series.

Connect Your Samsung Galaxy Charger to What?

All you have to do now is to identify what you will connect to the other end of your device. If you plan on file transferring and charging on the go using your standard electrical socket, you can get a cord which is removable from your adapter. In such case, you'll probably need the standard USB type A on the other end of your cord to accommodate. However, if you don't need to transfer files, you may want a cord that is permanently attached to your adapter to avoid messy cord bundles. Remember that when selecting adapters for your charger that it complies with your country's standards including volts, adapter plug type, etc.

What Samsung Galaxy Charger Do You Need?

Overall, through this guide, you learned how the different types of USBs and its uses. Additionally, you found a way to get the information from your device needed to determine what type of USB you need to connect to your phone. Using this information, you can determine which Samsung Galaxy charger you need, after considering what the cord will connect to on the other end. Are you still unsure about what charger is right for you? Would you like to know more information about the charger types? Contact us today to find the right one for your charging needs!
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I have an HD 450BT cordless headphones. Is 3.5 mm size charger. Will Samsung charger work on it?

Ali Killip

Everything I read addresses only the USB type. What about the different connector sizes on the phone itself? I find it frustrating that the charging cable from my old Samsung doesn’t fir the A20. Why do they change?

Norm Harrison

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