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7 Reasons You Need the Fitbit Charge 2

It seems like there's a new kind of technology for everything these days. Self-driving cars are starting to change how we drive, artificial intelligence is helping us do everything from going shopping to conducting scientific research, and wearables are making everyday life much easier. Fitbits are some of the most popular wearables out there. This innovative watch company has turned something that used to be just for telling time into much more. A Fitbit helps us track our steps, notice our energy levels, reach fitness goals - all whilst looking good with interchangeable bands. Upgrade the band on the Fitbit Charge 2, to suit your style. But, not every single Fitbit is made alike. If you've never bought one before, consider getting the recently-released Fitbit Charge 2. Here are seven reasons why this is the wearable for you.

1. To Increase Your Level of Activity

Think of the last time you counted all the steps you took in a day. If you're new to wearables, it was probably never. Most people don't think about their activity levels outside of the gym or morning run. But a truly active lifestyle isn't about carving out an hour or so to work out. It's about creating a higher sense of bodily awareness throughout the day, whether you're in the gym, at the office, or at home. The Fitbit Charge 2 helps you do that to the best of your ability. When you wear your Fitbit, you become more aware of how long you've been sitting at your desk or laying on the couch. It makes you want to get up and walk around, even if it's just a lap around the office or to your kid's room to check on them. These steps won't make you break a sweat or anything, but they do support your heart health and overall energy levels.

2. To Better Track Your Workouts

There's tracking all the steps in each day, then there's tracking how well you perform during each workout. Make sure you have your Fitbit Charge 2 every time you head to the gym, yoga studio, or outdoor running trail. This way, you can see exactly how many calories you've burned and the heart rate levels you achieved. Such measurements make a big difference. They help you identify areas of improvement and realize where most of your efforts are going. Even if you already write down everything you do when you go to the gym or use some sort of calorie counter for your meals, a Fitbit can take everything to the next level.

3. To Try New Things

Maybe you're only used to tracking what you know. It's simple to notice weight progressions in the gym after you've been lifting for a while or to see how your mile times are improving if you're an avid runner. What if you want to try something new, though? Getting a Fitbit Charge 2 may be the push you need. With this tool, you can compare the effectiveness of a new workout style versus the form of fitness you're already familiar with. More so, you can get the most accurate assessment possible. The Charge 2 comes with interval training capacities you can customize for every HIIT session and sprint training day in your workout calendar.

4. To Let Things Go

As good as it is to push yourself in the gym and other fitness efforts, it also pays off to take a break. This Fitbit model can help you do that, too. The Charge 2 comes with a Relax Mode setting, meant to make you take a step back and chill out. When in Relax Mode, the watch guides you through two or five minutes of gentle, slow breathing. It's like a mini-meditation session you can do anywhere, anytime.

5. To Reach Your Goals

Whether you're looking to tone your body, lose a little weight, or make time to relax more often, the Fitbit can help you reach your goals. More importantly, it will help you track all your efforts along the way. All of your workouts and breathing sessions get saved every day. Then, you can go back and compare the performance of one week versus another, or of two days side by side. Such comparisons help you see how far you've come in a short amount of time and they make it easy to understand how much further you have left to go.

6. To Stay Updated

Fitness would be pretty simple to stay on top of if it was the only priority you had! But, most people also have meetings to get to, deadlines to meet, children to pick up from school and dinner to make - just to name a few common to-dos. Thankfully, the Fitbit Charge 2 keeps you updated every step of the way. It allows you to receive text messages, emails, and calendar updates from your watch screen while working out. You can't respond to these things, but, it is nice to know you'll be aware of your kid's whereabouts and how much time you have until you need to wrap up your workout and get to work.

7. To Enjoy More Fitbit Benefits More Often

The final reason to get a Fitbit Charge 2 is to make the benefits of a wearable more available. This model can last for about 4 days without being charged! Such a battery life is a noteworthy accomplishment. Fitbit has done everything they can to make the watch as easy to use as possible. When you don't have to worry about charging your Fitbit every single day, you're more likely to wear it for a long period of time. Plus, you don't have to worry about the battery dying on you mid-workout.

Get Your Brand-New Fitbit Charge 2 Today

It's one thing to read about what a Fitbit Charge 2 can do for you and another to realize it in person! It's time to stop researching and start experiencing the benefits for yourself. While you're ordering your brand-new Fitbit, though, you may as well make it as stylish as possible. There are plenty of custom bands to help you transform a Fitbit Charge 2 from a market model into a beautiful, personalised watch.
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