New Fitbit Versa 2 Released! How Does It Compare To The Versa Lite?

New Fitbit Versa 2 Released! How Does It Compare To The Versa Lite?

There is no doubt that the Versa family is one of Fitbits greatest achievements. In June 2018 Fitbit announced they had shipped over one million Fitbit Versa devices within the first few months of sale. With its similar design to the Apple Watch, long list of great features and ability to improve an individual’s health and lifestyle, there is no wonder why so many people are choosing the Versa as their go-to smartwatch. With the new Versa 2 currently available for pre-sale, and due to land in retail stores on September 15th – we take a close look at how it compares to the current Versa Lite model and whether it’s worth the upgrade.

So, what’s new with the Versa 2?

Amazon Alexa Built-in

The most appealing feature of the Versa 2 would have to be its on-device microphone, which has enabled Fitbits first ever Amazon Alexa integration. It definitely makes the device a lot more functional in comparison to the previous Versa Lite model. Alexa is a virtual assistant – a great companion for those who are always forgetting things or just need that little bit of extra help. With the push of a button you can wake Alexa up, and command it to do a numerous range of tasks. If you’re wanting to know if it will rain on your afternoon jog, just simply ask Alexa for a weather update. It is also capable of various other tasks such as; voice interaction, music playback, making to-do lists, setting alarms, playing audio books, traffic and much more. By just adding this one smart feature to the Versa 2, Fitbit has given the device so much more capability over its predecessor. 

Spotify App

What is every person’s biggest hate whilst working out? Listening to the same songs over and over again! It can be the most unmotivating things in the world. It can also be quite tiring having to constantly freshen up the songs on your devices local stored music library. Thankfully Fitbit has found a solution! Unlike its predecessor, the Versa 2 now comes equipped with the Spotify music app. Users will still need to have the Spotify app on their phone, this just gives them control over it from their wrist. Not bad considering this means access to unlimited podcasts and tracks whilst exercising. The only downfall is – the Spotify app on the Fitbit device does not support offline playback, so if there’s no internet or your phone is out of range, Spotify will not work. Users still have the option to sync music onto their device, in case they ever need it.

Bands & Customisation

One of the best features of the Versa Lite, was its interchangeable band system. Wearing the same band can get quite boring and people often use different bands to match their Versa with their outfit. There are a tonne of great, high-quality third-party bands on the market, which gives users a wide range of options, without the premium price attached when buying a genuine band. Already built up a nice collection of Versa bands? Customers will be pleased to know the Versa 2 uses the same band system as the previous Versa and Versa Lite.  This means people don’t have to worry about the added costs of new bands, if they decide to upgrade.

On-screen Workouts

The first and definitely the easiest step to getting healthy would be setting a goal. Figuring out how to achieve that goal, now that’s the hard part. In 2017 Fitbit introduced the Fitbit Coach app – which gives users access to a range of different workouts to suit their personal needs. This included audio coaching along with videos to guide people through each exercise. A great way to help achieve goals without the hefty price of a personal trainer.

With the previous Versa Lite, the only way to access these workouts was via the app on a phone. Now, with the Versa 2 users can have access to these workout videos on their devices screen. A very handy tool, as people often don’t have easy access to their phones whilst working out.

The Fitbit Coach is a subscription-based program, ranging from AUD$39.99 to AUD$79.99 per year, however there are some free workouts people can have access to without having to pay.

Some additional features available with the new Fitbit Versa 2 include:

  • Floors climbed – automatically tracks floors climbed
  • Swim Tracking – track swim duration and view workout summaries
  • Voice Replies – Reply to texts using your voice
  • Fitbit Pay – Make payments from your wrist
  • Always on Display Mode – see real time exercise stats

What hasn’t changed?

Female Health Tracking

Current female Fitbit Versa Lite users who are looking to upgrade to the Fitbit Versa 2 will be pleased to know it still comes standard with the Female Health Tracking. Fitbit stated that “within the first two weeks the Female Health Tracking was made available to iOS and Windows users, more than one million users began using the feature”, a clear indication it’s something that was going to stick around.

The Female Health Tracking allows women to log periods, record symptoms, gauge ovulation and discover patterns in their cycle. As female Fitbit users have access to their data all in one place, they can get a better understanding of their overall health and wellness. The more the app is regularly used, the smarter it gets. Fitbit can then use this data to deliver further information to the user, such as how cycles impact activity, sleep, weight and nutrition.

Battery life

The one feature that has set the current Versa Lite apart from other fitness trackers on the market, is the ability to get 5+ days of battery life on a single charge. This huge battery life is such an appealing quality. Fitbit has done a great job ensuring the new Versa 2 also has this same incredible battery life, regardless of all the new features on the device. There is also no added stress that your Fitbit will die mid workout and lowers the chances of people forgetting to put their devices back on!


The Versa has and always will be a fantastic choice of smartwatch! The Versa 2 is the next generation of Fitbits best-selling smartwatch and there are quite a few new features packed into this new device. The price for the Fitbit Versa 2 ranges from AUD$329.95 to AUD$379.95 depending on whether you get the Special Addition or not. The Versa Lite is around $100 cheaper. Comparing the Versa 2 with other devices on the market from brands such as Apple, Garmin etc this is a very reasonable price for the number of features. At the end of the day it comes down to personal preference and what a person wants out of a device. For those looking for something a little simpler, that purely tracks the basics, stick with the Versa Lite. Others who need to be up-to-date with the latest technologies and love all the whizz bang features, the Versa 2 is perfect. However, if there is one thing everyone can agree on though – it’s that the Versa is a fantastic smartwatch regardless of which model.

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