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Your Guide to the Samsung Gear S3 Watch

Smartwatches have become all the craze over the past couple of years due to their sleek designs and technological capabilities. But, there are so many to choose from that it can be difficult to pin down the one that's right for you. Depending on what you'll be using it for will also depend on the watch you need. So, where do you start? You need to pay attention to each and every feature that the watch comes standard with so that you can decide how it will work best for you. Of course, you'll also be interested in how it wears on your wrist. You want it to be functional and comfortable, after all. If you're interested in purchasing a new smartwatch to make your life easier, you've come to the right place. In this article, we're discussing the Samsung Gear S3 Watch and all it can do for you.


The Samsung Gear S3 Watch features somewhat of an industrial design that makes it more masculine, although some women do prefer this watch over others. The face is made of gorilla glass so you won't have to worry about it chipping or scratching. The rotating bezel and buttons make it easy to access all of your apps and other functions. This watch weighs in at 62 grams making it a bit heavier than other watches. But the durability is in the build.

Text Messaging

Who wants to pull their smartphone out each time they get a text message? And, why should you when the Samsung Gear S3 Watch displays your text messages for you? With a few simple clicks, you can even respond via text message right from your smartwatch so long as your phone is nearby. It works with Bluetooth technology to share information from your phone to your watch. This way, you don't have to fumble, searching your pockets in order to communicate with your friends, family, and co-workers.

Phone Calls

Just as the watch uses Bluetooth to connect your phone, you can also use it to make or receive phone calls. The calls will ring directly on your watch where you can answer it using headphones. You can even use it without headphones, simply talking at normal levels so that people on the other end can hear you. Save yourself from holding a phone to your ear during that long conversation with your mother and just use your smartwatch, instead.


The GPS feature on this watch is simple and easy to use. Simply find your settings from the Apps menu screen and tap on connections. Then tap on location twice to enable the tracking feature. You can choose from GPS & wireless networks, wireless networks, or GPS only. GPS comes in handy whether you're out running a route or getting lost on your way to a faraway place. And, it's all happening right on your wrist, although you can see the GPS on your phone if you need it, too.

Fitness Tracking

One of the most popular functions of the Samsung Gear S3 Watch is the fitness tracking capability. You can use it to track your workouts whether you're running, biking, walking, or engaged in intense cardio. If you like yoga or pilates, it can track that, too! All you have to do is find your fitness tracking app in the apps menu and direct it to track your workout. The watch will monitor how many calories you burn, miles trekked, and notify you in intervals of your choice as to how long you've been at it.

Heart Rate Monitoring

If you're interested in keeping tabs on your heart rate, this watch can help. It will monitor your heart rate the entire time you have it on your wrist. You can check your heart rate on your own, too. The watch will keep a running record of your rates so you can see averages and times when your heart rate increased due to activity. This function also works with the fitness tracker to indicate your heart rate during workouts.

Sleep Tracker

If you've ever wondered how well you really slept, the Samsung Gear S3 Watch is for you. It will monitor your sleep and tell you not only how long you slept, but how deep the sleep actually was. You can see light, moderate, and motionless sleep patterns on your watch when you wake up. It's incredibly accurate so that you can get a better understanding of your sleep patterns. Whether you're a heavy or light sleeper, this watch will indicate the hours of rest you've achieved.


The battery life for the Samsun Gear S3 Watch is comparable to other watches available. But, keep in mind that Samsung recently rolled out updates to improve the battery life so that you can have up to 28 hours of usage time. You can get 72 hours in Standby mode. Also be mindful that the battery life will depend on how you use the watch. If you're constantly connected to Bluetooth or have a weak signal, it could go faster.

Samsung Pay

One of the greatest features this watch has to offer is the Samsung Pay functionality. Simply pay for your items at any grocery store, convenience store, or department store that allows for the option. All you have to do is find the Samsung Pay app in your apps menu and swipe the watch in front of the credit card reader so that funds are directly debited from the account you have connected.

Samsung Gear S3 Watch Bands

The Samsung Gear S3 Watch comes with a standard silicon watch band in either large or small to fit different sized wrists. But if you don't like those bands or you just want a different band style for your Samsung Gear S3, there are plenty more available from various manufacturers. You can find leather, metal, and silicon bands depending on your preference and price range.

Bringing It All Together

The Samsung Gear S3 Watch is a smartwatch that knows no bounds. With its sturdy design and ultimate functionality, it is one of the smartest purchases you can make. Pair your Samsung Gear S3 watch with a designer band - You'll be the talk of the town wearing this watch, and all of your friends will envy the technology! Don't settle for anything less while you can use this watch to track your health and fitness, make phone calls, and get organized with only the touch of a few buttons. The competition can't compare to this incredible timepiece. You can use this watch for years to come without concern that it will break or become outdated. If you have a new Samsung Gear S3 Watch and have more questions, feel free to contact me! This is your source for everything mobile.
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