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Your Guide to Replacement Apple Watch Bands

Apple made technology fashionable. That may be the most unexpected result of the Apple Watch. The Apple Watch is popular because it's a top-rated smart device that's stylish. The visionary engineers and designers who created it knew people wanted a high-tech accessory that looked good. It's part of your outfit. That's why Apple didn't stop with one product. They introduced several case designs and a variety of bands. You can find Apple Watch bands to compliment every lifestyle and outfit. If you have a Series 1, 2 or 3 watch, you have options. Apple's quick release band makes it easy to change Apple Watch bands as often as you change your clothes. Let's break it down.

Choices for Apple Watch Bands

When you buy your Apple Watch, you pick your first watch band. It could be a sports band, nylon, leather, or mesh. But, that's only the beginning. If you choose a classic leather band, you won't want to wear it for exercise. And, if you got a sports band, it may not look serious enough for the office. Apple makes it possible to change your watch band to match any situation. And, you can find inexpensive replacement Apple watch bands for less online. Most bands are available in 38mm and 42mm sizes.

1. Sports Bands

If you run, bike, swim, walk or exercise, you'll want a sports band. These are durable bands that stand up to a sweaty workout. You can wipe them clean afterward to keep them looking great.

Replacement Sports Band

You can refresh the look of your Apple Watch with the relaxed look of a sports band. It's appropriate for business casual, or any sports activity. The soft, flexible band feels good against your skin. You can adjust the fit with the pin lock for a secure, comfortable fit on your wrist. Apple Watch bands come with 3 bands. There's a locking band and 2 different size bands to accommodate different size wrists. The integrated connectors on sports bands let you switch and secure your band in seconds.

Airvent Sport Band

The Airvent sports band joined the lineup with the Nike+ Apple Watch. Now, thanks to replacement Apple watch bands you can buy the stylish vented band in lots of colours.
The vented bands reduce perspiration under your band. They have the metal locking pin for a perfect fit during any activity. These Apple watch bands tell everyone you're serious about working out in style.

Nylon Sports Loop Band

The sports loop Apple watch bands are soft nylon. The breathable material is cool and casual. The integrated connector lets you switch to this summer style band in seconds. The bands have a hook and loop fastener. The sports loop band comes in a variety of colours. Each colour is comfortable and soft, yet durable. It's a great choice in band for your Apple watch if you're interested in casual outdoor activities like the beach, as well as workouts in the gym.

2. Stainless Steel Apple Watch Bands

If you want a more refined look, consider a stainless steel replacement band. Here are the two most popular choices:

Milanese StrapD Stainless Mesh

The stainless steel mesh Milanese Apple Watch bands are a design from 19th century Milan. A special machine weaves the metal mesh. The flexible band wraps around your wrist. The magnetic closure means it's adjustable for a perfect fit. One size fits all. The polished metal can be sporty or sophisticated,  so you can match your Apple watch band with your outfit. Colour options include black, silver, gold, rose-gold, and blue. The mesh allows air to circulate around your wrist for added comfort.

Steel Link Bracelet

A steel link watch bracelet looks strong, serious, and polished. Another option is a steel link bracelet made from the same steel as the watch case. The Apple brand bracelet has a custom butterfly closure, and more than 100 components. The band features a simple release button. It's easy to add or remove links without special tools.

3. Leather Watch Bands

Sometimes you want a leather band. Here are two great choices for styling your watch for a special occasion. Leather works best when you want a classic, timeless fashion statement.

Classic Leather

One of the classic Apple Watch bands is a leather strap with a traditional buckle closure. This band will give your Apple watch a stylish and classy look. You'll look your best in any of six timeless colours. Add this durable leather watch band to your collection. It's a dependable choice every time.

Magnetic Leather Loop

The magnetic leather loop band is a fresh addition to the classic leather category. Adjust the flexible leather strap by snapping it into place with the magnetic lock. There are seven classic colours that will add style to any outfit.

4. Designer

Want something extra special? Choose one of the designer Apple Watch bands. You can spend a lot or a little to achieve a designer look. For example, the limited edition Hermes Apple Watch will cost about $1,200. A Hermes replacement strap will set you back $340 to $690. But, there are less expensive designer options. For example, the Milanese mesh option offers designer style for an affordable price.

Customize Your Style

Apple Watches are definitely fashion statements. You can swap your Apple Watch bands with the season, your situation or outfit. Stand out with a designer band, or a colourful sporty band that announces the season. Each band is easy to swap so you can complement your outfit in seconds. We couldn't tell you about every watchband here. Check out more high-style Apple Watch bands available at Mobile You'll find a wide range of straps to fit both 38mm and 42mm watches. Have a look at Mobile Mob in Australia today to complete your Apple Watch bands wardrobe.
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