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Why Garmin Vivosmart HR Fitness Trackers Are the Ultimate Fitness Accessory

Almost 70% of Aussies are not active enough. Are you one of them? If you find yourself underactive, a fitness tracking device may be the perfect way to keep accountable. In fact, wearable tech is one of 2018's top fitness trends. But not all trackers are created equal. The Garmin Vivosmart HR is a highly popular choice amongst fitness freaks. Why exactly is it so great? In this article, we'll break down six of its standout features to show you why it's the ultimate fitness accessory.

1. Comprehensive Activity Tracking

The Vivosmart HR comes packed with a wide range of data tracking capabilities. Steps, floors, distance, calories, and activity can all be viewed with a simple finger swipe. Each metric is shown alongside a visual icon and can be displayed in any order you choose, or hidden if it doesn't interest you. Let's take a closer look at each.

Step Counter

Steps are tracked using Garmin's internal accelerometer. This accelerometer can accurately calculate steps and recognize false-positives. With other trackers, stories of 800 steps being taken in the shower are not uncommon. With the Vivosmart HR, things are much more reliable. The step goal also changes dynamically to reflect recent achievements. The aim here is to gradually improve your step count each day. As averages are used, you don't need to worry about a particularly lazy day messing with your stats, either. Another great feature is the inactivity monitor. Fail to move within an hour, and you'll be prompted to 'MOVE!' as soon as possible. The best part? Meeting your daily step goal is rewarded with a firework display. A tiny digital one, of course.

Floors Climbed

The Garmin Vivosmart HR also boasts a barometric altimeter that measures your stair climbs. The default is 10 floors, but you can change this to meet your own goals.

Distance Traveled

It's also easy to see your total walking distance for the day. This metric is simple, but great for motivation when you realize all that office wandering can count for something. Tell that to your boss!

Calories Burned

This is where the built-in optical sensor shines, as heart rate calculations are used to estimate the calories you burn. The Vivosmart HR provides a holistic view of calories, as the figure also includes your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR). That's the calories you burn just from existing. Go you!

Active Minutes

Active minutes are recorded when the wristband tracks movement, alongside an increased heart rate. Default goals are based on the recommendations for weekly exercise: 30 minutes of moderate activity, five times per week. As such, the default is 150 minutes weekly. This metric is great for the uber-active looking to smash personal goals, yes. But it's also excellent for the less active or able, who wish to step-up their activity to meet health guidelines.

2. Accurate Sleep Tracking

Activity is great. But hey, so is sleep. The Garmin Vivosmart HR automatically tracks your sleep stats to see if you're getting enough rest. Sleep is a vital component of exercise recovery, so Garmin's detailed sleep tracking is a considerable advantage over other devices. Here's what the tracker can tell you:
  • Sleep time
  • Wake time
  • Light sleep duration
  • Deep sleep duration
That's a lot of work for the tracker, but none for you. You won't need to press any buttons to activate or deactivate sleep mode. The tracker uses your heart rate to gauge these metrics automatically. Impressive stuff!

3. New Age Optical HR Sensor

The Garmin Vivosmart HR can measure your heart rate continuously. Many competitors can either track resting pulse rate or track your workout intensity. Few do both, and this is where the Vivosmart HR takes pole position. A green LED sensor is used on the underside of the band, which serves 3 purposes:
  1. Monitor heart rate 24/7 (including at rest)
  2. Monitor heart rate during a workout
  3. To broadcast your heart rate to other devices
The sensor periodically measures heart rate throughout the day, using a variable sampling rate. At any time, you're able to screen swipe and reveal your current heart rate, as well as your average resting rate.

4. Seamless Smartphone Syncing

The Garmin Connect mobile app (available for iOS, Android, and Windows) allows you to sync and view all your data on the go. But the smartphone syncing goes far beyond activity stats. In fact, the device can pull weather notifications, answer your phone and remotely control your mobile camera. You can also receive SMS and email notifications straight to your wrist. Plus, you can control music from the tracker, with simple finger swipes. This is perfect for intense activities where you can't afford to miss a step or risk dropping your phone. Want to keep things strictly fitness? Not a problem. Another nice touch is the ability to set a 'Do Not Disturb' mode, which will leave your device free from all mobile notifications.

5. Waterproof

The Garmin Vivosmart HR is much better equipped for swimming than many other devices. Some may be 'water-resistant,' but check the small print. Often this means the tracker is merely splash proof. The Vivosmart HR is fully waterproof to a depth of 165 feet. This makes it perfect for water-based activities, such as swimming. In fact, it makes Garmin the ideal triathlon watch.

6. Customizable Colour & Size

The Vivosmart HR uses a watch-band style clasp as default, so it'll fit on most wrists. Still, the device can be purchased in two sizes, regular or extra large. The wristband material can also be replaced with stainless buckles in a colour of your choosing. Think purple, lime, or anything in between. Planning a night out? You can also choose a designer band for your Garmin Vivosmart, if you're feeling fancy.

Garmin Vivosmart HR - The Ultimate Fitness Tracker

All considered, the Garmin Vivosmart HR is a pretty kickass device. Whether you're a fitness enthusiast or just after a healthier lifestyle, this tracker has everything you need to help create a fitter you. If you're looking to stand out from the crowd, you can also switch up the colour. Wanting to change over your Garmin Vivosmart HR band? Check out our selection of Vivosmart stainless buckles!.
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