Fitbit Sense 2 Specifications

Fitbit Sense 2 Specifications

Fitbit is one of the leaders in the health-tracking device market, and theres a good reason for that as its health trackers are smart, intuitive, and they get the job done. 

Exercising regularly is critically important, but lets face it: its not easy to stay motivated and keep up with your fitness and workout routine. This is where a fitness tracker smartwatch becomes your best friend. 

The Fitbit Sense 2 is Fitbits newest offering, and it improves on the original with a full redesign, the inclusion of a physical button, and a few extra features. Lets take a look at the full specifications and features list of the new Sense 2 smartwatch. 

Quick Overview

The Fitbit Sense 2 features a very simple yet surprisingly sleek and sophisticated design for a fitness tracker smartwatch. Everything about this fitness tracker is aesthetically pleasing, and the watch itself is both comfortable to wear and packed with features. 

There are also plenty of ways to accessorise and customise your Sense 2 smartwatch, new bands and replacement straps have finally arrived.

As a smartwatch, the Fitbit Sense 2 is not as versatile as other smartwatches, such as the Apple Watch SE or Samsungs Galaxy Watch 5, but then the Sense 2 is not primarily meant as an all-round smartwatch. When it comes to accurate health tracking, superb sleep monitoring, peerless stress tracking, and other dedicated health features, the Sense 2 is head and shoulders above the competition.  

Fitbit Sense 2 Specifications

  • Price is AUD $449.95
  • Size is 40.5 x 40.5 x 12.3mm
  • Aluminium material, with available colours in Shadow Grey/Graphite, Lunar White/Platinum, Blue Mist/Soft Gold
  • Comes in rounded square design or 'squircle' case designs
  • Features slim design for more comfortable all-day wear
  • Water-resistant to 50 metres
  • Full-colour touchscreen controls
  • Displays calls, texts, and smartphone app notifications
  • Features Alexa Built-In
  • Compatible with both Android and iOS devices
  • Comes with 6 day+ battery for longer life without charging
  • Fast charging allows you to get up to a day's worth of charge in just 12 minutes
  • Includes a cEDA for all-day body-response tracking
  • Stress notifications so you can better monitor your health
  • 'Reflections' feature so you can keep track of your mood and limit emotional stress
  • Features guided breathing sessions with on-screen prompts
  • Sleep trackingautomatically logs your sleep each night, and records how much time is spent in light, deep, and REM sleep stages
  • Assigns a personalised sleep score to track the quality of your sleep
  • Includes 'Smart Wake' alarm to gently wake you in the optimum sleep stage
  • Assigns a stress management score so you can monitor your bodys daily response to stressors
  • Fitbit Sense 2 provides comprehensive and detailed health analysis, including:
    • Monitoring of blood oxygen levels, which can indicate health changes
    • An ECG app to track heart rhythm and look for signs of atrial fibrillation
    • Resting heart rate tracker to monitor heart rate and overall wellness
    • Heart rate variability tracker, to keep an eye on potential sleep and stress problems
    • Breathing rate monitor
    • Skin temperature sensor
    • Blood glucose tracking in the Fitbit app
    • Menstrual health tracker
    • Overall wellness report deliverable in PDF format so you can share it with your physician
  • True to its name, Fitbit Sense 2 also comes with advanced fitness tracking features:
    • Heart rate tracking to keep tabs on calorie burning, fitness level, sleep stages, and much more
    • Active zone minutes to monitor various heart rate zones during your workout
    • Provides a daily readiness score so you know when you can work out or when you need to rest a little longer
    • GPS tracker comes built in so you can easily monitor your pace and travel distance
    • Easily tracks your various favourite exercises, such as swims, runs, bike rides, yoga, walkabouts, and more
    • Provides a cardio fitness score based on VO2 Max (which is how well your body metabolises oxygen while exercising)
    • Automatically displays stats on paces, calories burned, and distance travelled
    • Includes integrated phone workouts with the Fitbit app for high-energy training

Features and Performance

As you can see, the Fitbit Sense 2 boasts an extensive assortment of features. 

There are just too many of these features to explore in detail, but undoubtedly the most important are the health- and fitness-tracking features, which is where the Sense 2 really shines. The all-day body-response tracking is the star performer, and it uses the cEDA sensor to keep tabs on any signs of stress in your body. 

And for those who are into mental wellness, the smartwatch tracks these stress signs and delivers on-screen prompts to draw attention to your stress levels, and ask you to reflect on your emotional state. Beyond that, the Sense 2 readily does everything youd expect from a fitness tracker, including monitoring steps and calories, blood oxygen tracking, and even skin temperature sensing and heart rhythm assessment. 

Battery life is also excellent, with a lifespan of about a week if you turn off the Always On display, and about two to three days if you have the Always On display toggled. All in all, that isn't bad when compared to other smartwatches and fitness trackers. 

Personalise Your Fitness Tracker Smartwatch

The Sense 2 is loaded with some of the best fitness tracking features weve ever seen. And since the Fitbit Sense 2 release date was August 24, 2022, its already been on the market for several months and is readily available for you to use and enjoy. 

We have some great accessories for your Sense 2 to help you personalise it however you want and make it more comfortable to wear.

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