Fitbit Comparison & Which is Right For Me?

Fitbit Comparison & Which Is Right For Me?|Compare Fitbit's|Fitbit Comparison & Which is Right For Me?
With Fitbit just launching their next generation trackers, the Fitbit Alta Hr, Fitbit Charge 2 & Fitbit Ionic. Selecting which tracker is the right one to buy for yourself or as a present can be a little tricky. We put together an easy to read Fitbit comparison that summarises the best features from each Fitbit currently available. "Is the heart rate monitor worth it?" "Do i need a screen?" "Will it recognise what i'm doing while at gym?" " I need to sync it with my iPhone to track my progress!" - Have a quick look before heading to the store or purchasing a Fitbit online, and hopefully answer some of those questions. Check out Mobile Mob and view all the different Fitbit styles for your new device!

Fitbit Comparison Guide

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