Fitbit Charge 5 Specifications

Fitbit Charge 5 Specifications

Brand new on the scene, the Fitbit Charge 5 is bringing even more to the fitness tracking game. The wearable market continues to make gains - these things are popular! But some people need a push to invest in a new wearable that focuses on fitness. The Fitbit Charge 5 is here to change minds and get people excited about all their new features. Focusing on the intersection of fitness and health, the Charge 5 seeks to be an all-in-one device that offers more than your standard SmartWatch. If you're in the market for a new wearable, it's hard to go wrong with Fitbit. But before you make your decision, let's look at all the different features the Charge 5 brings to the table. Keep reading to learn everything you want to know about the Fitbit Charge 5! 

Fitbit Charge 5 Specifications: An Overview

This is Fitbit's latest release, so you're getting the latest features and updated technology. Let us take a look at all the specifications! 

  • Price: $269.95
  • Size options: One size device, band sizes in small and large
  • Colour Options: Black and Graphite, Lunar White and Soft Gold, Steel Blue and Platinum
  • Battery Type: Lithium-polymer
  • Battery Life: Up to 7 days - use of always-on display or SpO2 will reduce battery life
  • Charge Time: 2 hours from 0% to 100%
  • Display Type: AMOLED, 2x brighter than Charge 4
  • Screen Dimensions: 21.93 mm height by 14.75 mm width with a 26.43 mm diagonal viewing area
  • Touch Screen: Yes
  • Screen Protection: Corning Gorilla Glass 3
  • Navigation: Touchscreen
  • Casing Material: Aluminium 
  • Bezel Material: Aluminium 
  • Water Resistant: Yes, to 50 meters although band should be dried after for skin protection
  • Wireless Interface: Bluetooth 4.0, Wi-Fi, NFC
  • Operating System: FitBit OS
  • Internal Memory: Save movement for up to 7 days and daily totals for 30 days
  • Notifications: Calls, texts, calendar events, and certain smartphone apps like Gmail, Facebook, and WhatsApp. 
  • Activity Tracking: Distance, Heart Rate Monitor, Steps, Calories, Temperature Tracking, Sleep Tracking, Menstrual Tracking, Breathing Rate, Oxygen Saturation (Spo2)
  • Smartphone Compatibility: Apple iOS 12.2 or higher, Android OS 8.0 or higher
  • Smartphone Companion App: Fitbit App
  • Sensors: 3-axis accelerometer, red and infrared SpO2 monitoring, temperature sensor, ambient light sensor, electrical sensors for ECG and EDA scan
  • Components: Built-in GPS + GLONASS, vibration motor

Fitbit Charge 5: Noteworthy Features

When it comes to features, the Fitbit Charge 5 is clearly jam-packed. Let's take a look at some of the biggest and more noteworthy features this new wearable has to offer. 

1. Health Monitoring

The wearable market has a seen a huge boom since it began to focus on wearable health care. Remote patient-health monitoring has lead to a steady connection between doctors and their patients and has the potential to save lives. 

More than just a fitness tool, more than just a wearable to notify you of calls while on a run - doctors are now encouraging some patients to invest in wearable health monitoring devices. 

The Charge 5 provides active heart rate monitoring and will alert you if your heart rate goes above or below your typical threshold. With a focus on heart health, they have also included an ECG to assess for atrial fibrillation. 

It's also now much easier to track trends in your wellness, whether it be in stress management or your SpO2 (the level of oxygen in your blood). Breathing rate, heart rate variability, and more can be seen in personal ranges and trends. 

2. Exercise Tracking and Active Zone Minutes

Of course, Fitbit got its name and start as a wearable fitness device - and they're not ready to leave that behind. Active Zone Minutes are guides to help keep you on track.

When you're exercising it can be easy to reduce the intensity, if you're on a hike you can simply slow down. With Active Zone Minutes you can see when your target heart rate zone dips and you can modify your workout to bring your intensity back up. 

With 20 exercise modes and the ability to set personal goals, you won't find yourself lacking ideas or motivation. SmartTrack's real-time stats will help you redefine your athletic habits. 

3. Sleek and Customizable Design 

What a huge release. With three device colour options (Graphite, Soft Gold, and Platinum) you can easily mix and match bands and other accessories to customize your experience. 

The Charge 5's sleek appearance makes it easy to wear with anything. With two different standard band sizes, you can expect to have lots of options to keep things fresh. 

4. SmartWatch Capabilities 

In the world of 2021, everything has to have smart capabilities, and the Fitbit Charge 5 excels in this area. Not only can you access all of your regular notifications, but the Charge 5 also does so in a way that keeps your health at the forefront. 

No more interrupted sleep with silent alarms and optimal sleep stage waking. Quiet vibration doesn't have to be startling any more. Smart Notifications will keep you in the loop with popular messaging apps. Quick Replies are available for Android users. 

And of course, standard features like Fitbit Pay and Google Fast Pair make an appearance. 

5. Upgraded Features 

The desire to constantly improve the wearability and usefulness of smart devices is on full display with the Charge 5. The Always-On display is now AMOLED, meaning more vibrant colours and reduced drain on battery life. A real watch, but with so many more possibilities.

Water-resistance is now improved to keep you free to explore the world no matter the weather or your interest. 

6. Endless Personalisation 

If changing up your look daily, is part of your routine. The tracker is one of the best, with endless accessories available. Swap out your band or add a protective case.

What You Should Buy With Your Fitbit Charge 5

So clearly, everybody should be a fan of the new Fitbit Charge 5. But to match your on-the-go lifestyle there are a lot of accessories to pick up with your new purchase.

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