Best Running Shoes for Women

Best Running Shoes for Women

According to the Australian Sports Commission (ASC), Australian women are more active than men. 68% of Australian women exercise an average of three times a week. Among men, the figure is 57%.

The need for good running shoes for women is more important today than ever before. So, why do women need to have the right running shoes? It's because the right running shoes will help you achieve your running goals.

Be careful when choosing as different footwear are designed for different runs. There are many things you need to consider before making the final decision. They include cushioning, weight, and drop.

Continue reading as we look at the best running shoes for women. This list will also help you shop to your feet and according to your allocated budget.

Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 38

Weight: Lightweight
Drop: 6mm
Best For: All-round training
Price: AUD180.00

Runners love these Nike running shoes for women because of the extra back bounce. These shoes will motivate joggers to even consider marathon training plans. A signature responsive form and a wider fit at the toes are unique features of this running shoe.

You can run for miles and miles comfortably in this ''workhorse with wings'' and a perfect running band. Feel the cushioned support as you rank up your long run or everyday miles. The breathable mesh found on the upper part is for comfort and durability.

Adidas SL20

Weight: 230g
Drop: 10mm
Best For: 10k training
Price: AUD112.00

The SL20 is one of Adidas' best running shoes for women. It is a comfortable, supportive, and breathable shoe. It is lightweight such that you can comfortably run without worrying that it will slow you down.

Whatever goal you have in mind, you can get there with these shoes. Adidas SL20 shoes are made of breathable and supportive mesh.

The midsole cushioning is light for comfort and explosive speed. These shoes look and feel fast.

Hoka One One Rocket X

Weight: 213g
Drop: 5mm
Best For: Intermediate runners and elite athletes
Price: AUD299.99

HOKA is one of the most energetic shoes launched to date. The Rocket X is incredibly lightweight.

It comes with a breathable mesh for optimum breathability, comfort, and flexibility. Cool air flows well throughout the shoe's upper part to remove heat build-up. Instead, it provides a suitable environment for your feet to thrive in.

A durable and flexible outsole completes this shoe. It enhances responsiveness and increases traction. The traditional lacing system locks down the midfoot to ensure distraction-free strides.

The carbon fiber midsole delivers an efficient, propulsive, and fast ride. The midsole absorbs impact points and provides stable footing.

On Cloud X 2.0

Weight: 200g
Drop: 6mm
Best For: Every day running, training, and gym workouts
Price: AUD229.95

Thanks to responsive cushioning, On Cloud X 2.0 can move in any direction. The Hellion form midsole energizes every step when running.

The durable and flexible engineered mesh upper office confident support. It helps maintain breathable performance.

Cloud X 2.0 is among the top running shoes for women and feels light throughout your workout. It comes with a minimalistic design that delivers versatile performance.

Saucony Endorphin Shift

Weight: 269g
Drop: 4mm
Best For: Long distance runners
Price: AUD192.99

The Endorphin Shift provides an effortless ride with fine-tuned stability and cushioning features. It propels your stride in continuous momentum with its supportive mesh upper. So, you won't have to run harder but faster.

The external heel support comes with a mid-foot wrap to guide the foot in every stride. The SPEEDROLL technology enhances each stride to keep moving forward. If you're looking to take your exercise routine to the next level, these are good running shoes for women.

Nike ZoomX Invicible Run

Weight: 278g
Drop: 8.4mm
Best For: Recovery miles
Price: AUD200.99

If you're looking for a plush, soft shoe for slow, long runs, then this is it. It's one of the perfect running band for women. It's suitable for marathon training.

You don't have to worry about where to place your feet when you land.

The form in this shoe is a lot softer. It creates a softer ride underfoot and more energy as the runner moves. The forefoot has a wider net to create a cushioned, comfortable ride for a smooth toe-off.

These shoes are not only for marathoners but for any level of runner. It feels very intuitive, and the moment you put it on, you are sure you're well protected.

ASICS Gel-Nimbus 24

Weight: 247g
Drop: 13mm
Best For: Long runs
Price: AUD220.08

ASICS GEL-Nimbus 24 is an excellent addition to the existing classic collection. It is the latest version and comes with two cushioning units, one in the forefoot and the other in the heel. They help create a smooth transition and a soft landing.

ASICS designers used FF BLAST FOAM which makes it lighter. It also gives the midsole a responsive feel on top of the cushioning. With a more comfortable and soft upper, this is the most reliable iteration of the Nimbus.

The knit tongue construction wraps across the foot, providing a softer feel. The upper mesh is breathable and comfortable for long runs. Whether leading up to a race or logging easy miles, these shoes are up for the task.

Altra Lone Peak 5

Weight: 260g
Drop: Zero
Best For: Trail
Price: AUD249.90

Altra Lone Peak is one of the best trail shoes for women for a good reason. The wide toe box of these shoes is excellent on the trail. It provides your toes with better stability on uneven surfaces.

The MaxTrac outsole offers a good combination of traction and grip on all kinds of terrain. It comes with an updated StoneGuard for added protection.

Altra considers the biological differences between men and women when designing their shoes. Fit4Her technology caters to the female foot only.

It has a narrow midfoot and heel, unique metatarsal spacing, and a longer arch. Altra Lone Peak 5 has drainage holes to ensure that no water remains in the shoe after creek crossings.

Brooks Hyperion Elite 2

Weight: 215.5
Drop: 8mm
Best For: Race day
Price: AUD344.07

Brooks is popularly known for its race-ready running shoes. Brooks Hyperion Elite 2 is no different. The cushioned springy sculpted heel helps with fast transitions between races.

These women trainers are an efficient choice to keep you moving more lightly and faster. It's designed to maintain your standard motion path while preserving your energy.

This shoe is ideal for racing, speedy runs, and road running. DNA FLASH is the fastest and lightest cushioning built to last up to 400 miles. The ultra-light cushioning reacts to your stride for more comfort and durability.

New Balance 860v12

Weight: 252g
Drop: 10mm
Best For: Everyday training
Price: AUD185.78

New Balance 860v12 provides reliable and stable support. It comes with an accommodating fit for a smooth ride. The roomy toe box is a great feature that makes the shoe fit well around the foot.

New Balance Lightweight Fresh Form gives it a more comfortable and smoother ride. It's ideal for women with flexible or low arches for the foot to stay away from over pronation.

The padded heel collar provides a secure lockdown that fits different foot shapes. It does not irritate the Achilles. New Balance 860v12 is among the best running shoes for women available on the market.

Reebok Floatride Energy 3 Adventure

Weight: 201
Drop: 9mm
Best For: Road and trail runs
Price: AUD119.64

At times, it gets boring to run on the road, and you may want to switch to unexpected terrain. Or you are tired of following the same track over and over again. If that's the case, these are the best athletic shoes for women.

They are designed for exploration. The rubber sole does not wear off quickly and provides excellent traction.

Floatride energy for responsive cushioning to keep your feet feeling light. They are made with recyclable materials for a more sustainable future. The upper is breathable and comfortable.

A ripstop mesh upper adds durability. The comfortable flared heel collar will push you to get your miles in.

Skechers Max Cushioning Premiere

Weight: 213g
Drop: 6mm
Best For: Runners on a budget
Price: AUD178.45

These top running shoes for women provide comfort. They let your feet breathe as you keep moving. They are breathable, lightweight, and cushioned.

They fit great, have a nice colour, and have lots of cushioning to support your back. You can walk for miles in the shoes without getting tired quickly.

You'll pay less attention to any discomfort or pain as they make you feel more energized. They are incredibly comfortable due to their excellent support and lightweight.

Choose the Right Running Shoes for Women

Consider the above options to find the best running shoes for women. You may have to try out several brands in different sizes to find the best shoe for your foot.

Before committing to a specific shoe, have your gait tested to know if you need extra support. The toe box should have adequate room, and the heels should not slip.

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