Apple Watch Series 7 Specifications

Apple Watch Series 7 Specifications

Did you know that January is when all the major tech companies release their new products to the general public? Some of them are fun. But none are as awesome as the Apple Watch Series, particularly the Apple Watch 7 Specifications.

Apple sells more watches than the entire Swiss watch industry. Not only is it the most popular smartwatch, but it's also one of the best watch brands in the world. According to The Verge, Apple sold nearly 31 million units in 2019. 

According to official estimates from around the world, 100 million Apple watches have been sold to happy customers. Let's dig into what makes the Apple Watch Series 7 so superb. 

Apple Watch Series 7 Specifications

Every Apple fan needs one of these. Apple Watches are superior in their style, functionality, and how connected they allow you to be. If you're wondering if the Apple Watch Series 7 is the best for you, just check out some of the incredible features:
  • Prices start at:
    • $599 for GPS only (41mm)
    • $749 for GPS + cellular (41mm)
  • 32GB capacity
  • Fullscreen 
    • The largest display yet!
    • Most crack-resistant front crystal
      • 45mm
        • 396 by 484 pixels
        • 1143 sq mm display area
      • 41mm
        • 352 by 430 pixels
        • 904 sq mm display area
  • Chip
    • S7 with 64-bit dual-core processor
    • W3 (Apple wireless chip)
    • U1 chip (ultra-wideband)
  • Most durable Apple Watch
    • Water-resistant to 50M 
  • Connectivity 
    • LTE and UMTS
    • WiFi
    • GPS, GLONASS, Galileo QZSS, and BeiDou
    • Bluetooth 5.0
  • Charges 33 per cent faster 
    • Built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery with up to 18 hours of charge
    • USB-C magnetic fast charging cable
  • Weight
    • 41mm
      • Aluminium: 32.0g
      • Stainless steel: 42.3g
      • Titanium 37.0g
    • 45mm
      • Aluminium: 38.8g
      • Stainless steel: 51.5g
      • Titanium: 45.1g
  • Environmental Features
    • 100 per cent recycled aluminium case 
    • 100 per cent recycled tungsten in the Taptic Engine
    • 100 per cent recycled rare earth elements in all magnets 
    • 100 per cent recycled tin in the SiP
    • Arsenic-free display glass
    • Mercury, BFR, PVC, and beryllium-free
  • Five new aluminium colours 
    • Midnight
    • Starlight
    • Green
    • Blue
    • Red
  • Stainless steel 
    • Graphite
    • Silver
    • Gold
  • Titanium
    • Space black
    • Titanium
  • Compass
  • Blood oxygen sensor 
  • Electrical heart senor 
  • Third-generation optical heart senor 
  • Emergency SOS 
  • Fall detections
  • International emergency calling
  • Accelerometer 
  • Gyroscope
  • Ambient light sensor 
  • Microphone 
  • Speaker is 50 louder
  • Apple Pay
  • GymKit
  • In the Box
    • Apple Watch Series 7 
    • Band/Loop
    • 1M magnetic charger to USB-C Cable

Favourite Features of the Apple Watch Series 7

There is so much to love about the latest Apple watch. The Apple Watch Series 7 is a little bit bigger than the Apple Series 6 watch. Actually, it's 20 per cent bigger. 

Like all Apple products, this is one of the best investments you'll make this year. If you're already stocked up on your Apple suite, the Series 7 is the best addition.

The Internet of Things

Connecting your watch to your Apple iPhone is easy.

All of the most recent Apple products are designed with the Internet of Things in mind. The Internet of Things (or IoT) is a fairly recent development in the world of technology.

The IoT technically includes everything connected to the internet. Most people define the IoT as those items that talk with each other. Beyond the normal phones and MacBooks, the IoT is expanding rapidly to include things like refrigerators, hairbrushes, scales, and more.

If you're reading this article on an iPhone, MacBook, or iPad, you're already connected to the IoT. All of your Apple products communicate with each other. So long as you're using the same Apple ID, you are part of the IoT.

While some of the best features found in the Apple series 6 watch have been retained and updated in the series 7, the purpose of these watches is to increase connectivity. You can connect your watches to family networks, your business, and more.

The Apple Watch Series 7 can also allow you to unlock your door. You can start your car remotely. Pay for anything with a flick of your wrist, and even board a plane!

Style Choices 

The number of style choices with the Apple Watch Series 7 is truly astounding. No matter your personal taste, you can design your watch to fit your vibe perfectly. 

One of the best things about Apple watches is the optionality in style. If you're using your watch mostly for work, there are sleek stainless Milanese bands. 

Stainless Milanese bands tend to come with a magnetic lock. They're cleaner and less intrusive in terms of style and design. They're a good boardroom band. There are plenty of smooth colours to choose from.

The Boss Apple watch band is another popular design. Many people will use these stainless-steel link bands as a fashion choice. These almost look like the Rolex of Apple watch bands. 

Bands and straps specifically designed for working out are other popular options. You can easily interchange your bands depending on the setting. No matter what you want, Apple has a band for that.

Of course, there's more to your Apple watch than the band. There are protective cases that add an extra layer of durability to an already sturdy piece of tech.

Depending on the material you choose for your watch, your display can suit your every need. With the extra display room on the Series 7, you can even turn your watch into an animated photo display of your favourite people. The possibilities are endless.

Durability Innovations 

Wearing an expensive piece of tech can be pretty nerve-wracking at first. The last thing you want to do is accidentally bump the display and have it crack immediately. 

While this typically hasn't been a problem for Apple watches, the Series 7 takes durability a step further. With a thicker front crystal, you're getting twice the protection from the Series 6. 

The fundamental design features are crack resistant, dust resistant, and water resistant. Apple boasts that the Series 7 is swim-proof with up to 50m of water resistance. This leads us to our next favourite feature...

Focus on Health and Safety

Apple's focus on health and safety is obvious in their marketing of the Apple series 7. Taking control of your personal health has never been more important. Apple is clearly aware of this and has integrated brilliant features to help you stay motivated.

Blood oxygen is a significant indicator of wellness. Is your body absorbing enough oxygen? All you have to do is check your watch to find out.

You can also take your ECG at any time. If you store this information, it can even help your doctors monitor your overall health with ease. 

Electrodes are built into the digital crown of your Apple Watch. Working in conjunction with the back crystal, your watch can tell you your heart health in just 30 seconds.

If you're the type of person who needs the motivation to stay healthy, the Apple watch is probably more cost-effective than a personal trainer. It even goes so far as to help you set and keep your sleep goals. 

Less Time on Your Phone and MacBook

It might sound counter-productive, considering how fantastic Apple's latest Apple M1 chip is for computing power, but spending less time on your devices and more time in reality is always a plus to us. 

Instead of going back and forth to your pocket to read and respond to texts, you can just glance at your wrist. The features are so superior you can even head out and about without your iPhone!

With a larger display, it's easier to use your apps while on the go. The QWERTY keyboard uses machine learning to predict the words you're typing. It might even be faster to text from your watch than your iPhone. 

If your fingers are a little too big to click the keyboard, you can always use Scribble to write out the letters. With a larger display, it's so much easier to stay connected and responsive. 

Apps Galore

There are quite literally thousands of apps available for your Apple watch in the App Store. One of the best aspects of the Apple watch series 7 is the face capabilities. 

Depending on what your lifestyle dictates, you can get that information on your watch. If you're into stargazing, there's an app for that. Love surfing? The tides automatically update on your wrist.

If you're using your watch for workouts and day-to-day life, there's even an app that will remind you to drink water. It could be that smartwatches like this make us all superior beings. It's like having a personal motivation coach with you at all times.

Apple Watch Series 7 Release Date

The Apple Watch Series 7 release date was October 15th, 2021. Orders for the latest watch started some weeks before. You can get your Apple Watch Series 7 today! 

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