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7 Cool Things to Do with Your Apple Watch 3

Buying a new Apple Watch can be an exciting experience - until you realize you don't know how to fully use it. Mastering the basics of the Apple Watch is easy, but using it to its full potential takes some patience and learning. Whether you were just gifted your first watch or have used one for years, this list is for you! Here at Mobile Mob in Australia we have put together a list of cool things to do with your Apple Watch.

Cool Things To Do With Your Apple Watch 3

The Apple Watch can be an incredibly helpful resource. It's capabilities far exceed those of any other smartwatch on the market, making it a perfect addition to your everyday wardrobe and gadgets. If you've recently gotten a hold of the new Apple Watch 3, you're in luck.

1. Take It For a Swim

The idea that electronics and water don't mix has been true for decades. However, new technologies have allowed Apple to create a watch that can be submerged up to 50 meters. Unlike the first version of the Apple Watch, which was only water resistant, the Apple Watch 3 has special built-in features to prevent water damage during submersion. A Water Lock feature kicks in automatically once the watch hits the water. Just keep in mind that you'll also want to use this feature to eject any extra water from your speakers immediately after the swim. If you've been swimming in the ocean, give your watch a good rinse to get rid of saltwater.

2. Silent Trick

Ever been in an important meeting where someone's phone or watch are dinging constantly? It's rude, but sometimes we simply forget to silence our devices. Reaching down into a briefcase, backpack, or pocket to silence the device can also be awkward and disruptive. The Apple Watch 3 has managed to solve this issue. If you ever forget to silence the watch, simply place your hand over the face of the watch for a few seconds. It will automatically go into silent mode.

3. Interact With Your Car

It has never been easier to remotely interact with your car until now. Modern automobiles now have the capabilities to support Apple Watch interaction. You can lock and unlock doors, honk the horn, check your car's battery, and get help locating your car in a crowded lot. This feature is not supported by all cars or brands, however. If you have an older car you could find success with the app Viper, which allows you to perform basic commands like locking and starting your car remotely.

4. Go For a Run

Running with your phone in your hand or in your pocket is always annoying. It's bulky and the incessant bouncing in your pocket can be distracting and uncomfortable. However, the GPS capabilities of a phone are sometimes necessary for long runs in unfamiliar places. The Apple Watch 3 now has a built-in GPS feature, meaning you can leave your phone behind and enjoy a lightweight, freeing run without the bulk and annoyance of a phone! There are also tons of fitness apps that will track your progress and even let you compete with your friends.

5. Hotel Key

If you're known in your family or friend group as the one who always loses hotel keys, fret not! Your answer is here. The Apple Watch 3 can now be used in certain hotels as your hotel key. Just press it to the door lock and enjoy your stay. So far, these features can be used in Sheraton, Westin, W Hotel, Meridien, St. Regis, Element, or Aloft hotels. Just let someone at the front desk know you would like this option and you should be all set.

6. Home Control

Just like you can control your car with the new Apple Watch, you can also control your home! If you've ever felt like you may have left the garage door unlocked, the lights inside on, or may have left the A/C on while you were on vacation, this is the perfect feature for you. If you already have smart lights, smart shades, and a smart thermostat, the switch will be easy for you. If not, those things will need to be installed. The built-in Home app allows you to control these smart devices throughout your home, supporting brands like Phillips and Honeywell. There are other apps on the market, however, for other brands, like Yonomi and IFTTT.

7. Unlocking Your Mac Trick

Passwords are everywhere. We can't really escape them - unless you tick the remember me option everywhere and are just automatically signed in to your websites. However, one thing we can't automatically log into is our computers. When woken up from sleep, Mac's require a sign-on. With the new Apple Watch, you can essentially tick a 'Remember Me' box and be automatically signed in. Just go to System Preferences > Security & Privacy on your Mac and allow your Apple Watch to unlock your Mac. Now, when woken from sleep, your Mac will detect the presence of your Apple Watch and will automatically take you to your home screen, bypassing the password completely. Pretty cool, right?

Wrapping Up

The Apple Watch 3 has become an essential wardrobe component for thousands of people, not just because of its stylish design, but also because of its hundreds of features and capabilities - including the ability to change the band on your Apple watch. It is truly a work of art that has propelled us to the future. Hopefully, you've enjoyed this list of cool things to do with your Apple Watch and if you're interested in keeping up with the latest Apple Watch news, are into tracking releases, or are simply a tech nerd, don't hesitate to visit us frequently. We keep you informed of all gadget news and information, helping you make informed purchases, keeping you posted on what's new in the tech world, and providing you with stylish replacement bands for your Apple watch.
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