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5 Reasons Garmin Is The Ideal Triathlon Watch

Experts are saying that an increase in the number of participants in triathlons, which include a combination of swimming, running, and biking, is continuing to rise. There are currently over 500,000 people involved in USA Triathlon, which is the national organization that a person must be a member of in order to participate in races each year. What does it take to compete in a triathlon? The right gear, of course. From fitting your feet into the perfect running shoes to wearing a high-tech, waterproof watch, you'll need to be seriously prepared with the right tools for your first triathlon experience. Garmin watches have been one of the top performing triathlon watch brands for years. You need to choose the best watch to meet your triathlon needs. Here are five reasons why Garmin is the ideal triathlon watch that you need for your next big run.

1. The Garmin 935 Ranks High as Overall Top Triathlon Watch for 2017

Some of the key features to point out about this Garmin watch are:
  • A heart rate monitor built into the watch
  • Lightweight and comfortable to wear all throughout the triathlon
  • Barometer used to track elevation changes
  • Monitors your overall performance
  • Indicates if you are overperforming and should slow down
  • Tracks ground contact time
  • Battery life of 2 weeks
The battery life on the Garmin 935 is impressive. This is important for training purposes, too. You need a dependable watch to rely on as you run, bike, and swim your way through a triathlon. You can set the watch to give you information in regards to each activity, too. Set the activity profiles to monitor your performance in each category of the triathlon. Purchase this Garmin watch as your best triathlon watch to get you through the long stretch ahead. Bluetooth capability is also an added bonus with this Garmin triathlon watch. You can easily sync your phone and your watch together to log your performance as you train hard for your triathlon. There is no better way to judge how well you performed on that specific day of training than by checking your stats on your phone app.

2. Insane Battery Life with the Garmin Vivoactive 3

Look to the Vivoactive 3 if you want a watch with long battery life. The worst case scenario would be for your sports watch to lose battery while you are in the middle of your triathlon! Keep your watch up to speed by investing in a top of the line brand, such as Garmin, to perform as well as you do during the course of your triathlon. The battery power on this watch can last for an entire year! That is an impressive feature to boast about. This wearable fitness tracker is from Garmin, which is another reason why it happens to be so reliable for athletes of all sports categories. If you need a smaller watch that can still track your stats, a Garmin Vivoactive 3 is just what you should invest in. The right triathlon watch is out there for you, as long as you check for the features you need. The Vivoactive 3 will record your stats and it autodetects the activity you are performing, too. Another cool aspect of this fitness watch? It counts intensity minutes. That means you will know when you are experiencing the most intense parts of your exercise training. If you want to ensure your Garmin is always fully charged grab a spare charging cable.

3. Garmin Watches Are Great for Entry Level Athletes

Are you someone who just decided he or she wants to train for an upcoming triathlon? Buying a watch from Garmin is your best option to track your performance as a beginner. We recommend going with a Garmin watch as it has features built-in that are unmatched by the competition. The Garmin watches are also cheap. You can easily drop $100-$400 on a triathlon watch, but the ones created by Garmin are the best bang for your buck. Test the runner's market by investing in a Garmin watch, such as the Forerunner 30, before you set foot on the race.

4. Garmin Is a Great Multisport Watch

Not only is a Garmin watch equipped with excellent battery life and lightweight portability, but it's also a wonderful example of a multisport watch. Simply put, this watch is ready for your triathlon, but it's also ready if you decide to take a trip out rock climbing or golfing for the day. Adventure awaits. Choose Garmin as your watch to track your daily productivity no matter where you go.

5. Garmin Is Equipped with Phone-App Assistance

One final perk to buying a watch from the Garmin brand is the high-tech add-ons. The downloads you can make include helpful apps in Garmin's CIQ app store to personalize your training experience. One of the featured apps you can download for your smartwatch by Garmin is called Ozmo-Track. Ozmo-Track is there to help you reach optimal hydration throughout the day. You can record your coffee, tea, sports drink, and water intake on a daily basis. You tap the screen and manually type in your hydration value to maintain the proper wellness plan for your body. One more app you can download in the CIQ app store is called Strava Routes. This additional app will have you track your workout routes. Have you ever wanted to track your Uber straight from your watch? Now you can with the Uber app downloaded to your Garmin watch! Get your Uber ETA and track the whereabouts of your Uber driver with the additional app from the CIQ app store today. Once you download the Uber extension app, you can easily keep tabs on your ride as you wrap up your exercise. You will know the make and model of the car picking you up, what the license plate number is, and who your driver will be.

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