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4 Awesome iPad Features You Should Know About

The iPad has become more than a luxury product. People love having this product because it makes business easier and connecting better. It's no wonder sales of the tablet are rising. The reason for this is the wide variety of iPad features designed to make your career smoother and better. But don't take our word for it. Look at these five amazing features.

The Apple Pencil: One of the Best Ipad Features for Designers

When it comes to the best new iPad features, the Apple pencil is the biggest game changer out there. While adding a stylus to the earth-shaking tablet seems like it's not a big deal, it makes the system far better for business professionals. By providing a new and more targeted form of input for your iPad, the pencil makes it easier to create. If you're a graphic designer using your tablet, this can be incredibly beneficial. But it isn't just for artists. This item will make it easier to adjust numbers and navigate on a diverse range of works. From sound editing to financial planning, this device will change the way you use your tablet.

Pressure Sensitivity

The new iPad has a lot more pressure sensitivity than previous models. And this is a game-changer for anybody who uses the device. When it comes to touch, the force of your press should matter. Having a more sensitive screen will innovate by giving you the ability to take control of the technology. From its iPad to the new iPhone, Apple is always changing the way we use their devices. This is just the latest example.

Share Documents on Video Chat

A lot of people use video chat for business. As they should. This is a growingly interconnected world, and people are working from home or away at an alarmingly high rate. Because of video chat, we can have productive companies with employees all around the world. But there has been a delay on this front. In the past, video chat did not allow people to share documents. This meant that employees would need to email referenced figures. Today, you can send documents using FaceTime on your iPad. This is good news for professionals who know that, when it comes to productivity, every moment matters.

Make Annotations

The Apple pencil improves the iPad in so many ways. One of the best new iPad features to stem from it is the ability to annotate word documents, charts, and presentations. You can use it just like your grade school teachers would. Circles, arrows, and words are all within your grasp. This is great news for anybody who wants to provide quick and honest feedback to their employees.

Take Care of Your iPad

With a load of new features, you'll love the new iPad. But if you're using it a lot, you need to have the right accessories. We offer a wide variety of accessories that will make it easier for you to take advantage of this amazing tech. iPad flat? Get a new charger.
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