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15 of the Best New Fitbit Charge 2 Bands for Your Fitness Tracker

If you're looking for ways to customize your new Fitbit, there are countless Fitbit Charge 2 bands for you to choose from. No matter what look you're going for, simply changing the band on the Fitbit Charge 2 will make any outfit match. Are you athletic? There are sport bands that let your skin breathe and are great for getting sweaty. If you're looking for something that won't look out of place at a business lunch, there's a band for that as well. Check out the options below to find the perfect band for you.

1. Classic

Of course, you can't go wrong with the classic band. These are available from the Fitbit website in black, blue, plum, teal and lavender. They're water-resistant, good for sports, and don't look too out of place with a casual outfit.

2. Fitbit Sport Band

If you're mainly using your Fitbit to track your athletic activity, you might want to try out the sport band that Fitbit offers as well. These are perforated for maximum breathability and sweat, rain, and splash proof. Whether you're a marathon runner or a tennis player, this band should work well for you. Just don't take it swimming!

3. Fitbit Leather

For those who want their Fitbit to take on a more formal appearance, there's also the Fitbit leather option. The band is made of genuine leather, and you get a one year warranty if it doesn't meet your expectations. The biggest downside is that it's way more expensive than some other bands on this list. Now let's check out some of the Fitbit Charge 2 bands that are available from other manufacturers.

4. MoKo Nylon

Sports bands don't have to be made of silicone. MoKo makes a band made of nylon for a sporty look without the sport-watch feel. The connectors and buckle are both stainless steel, and even though it's not made by the Fitbit company, it still works seamlessly with the Charge 2.

5. Hanlesi Stainless Steel

For a completely different look, you can even find Fitbit Charge 2 bands made completely of stainless steel. One of the standout features of this band is the magnetic clasp. Instead of securing your band with a buckle, let it snap into place with the built-in magnets. The metal is also scratch-proof. While we still wouldn't wear this one on a workout, you can go about your regular day without worrying about ruining the band.

6. Airvent Sport

For the super-sweaty among us, the Airvent Sport bands are here to save the day. The bands are made of two materials and are vented to let your skin breathe during those long workouts. They're one size fits all, so no need to worry about accidentally buying the wrong length.

7. HUMENN Sport

If you want the look of the classic band without the cost of buying directly from Fitbit, the HUMENN Sport Fitbit Charge 2 bands are the perfect choice. The band is flexible and comfortable enough to be great for both activity and sleep tracking. This band is also adjustable to fit your wrist, and they come in fifteen different colors if you want to switch it up from day to day.

8. Dots Designer

Looking to make a statement? The Dots Designer band boasts a truly unique design that's simultaneously classy and sporty. It's available in black, rose gold, and silver to fit any outfit aesthetic. The band also features a clip lock that is easy to fasten and remove in seconds.

9. Milanese Loop

Looking for a cheap option that still looks stylish? Leather not your favorite accessory? Make your Fitbit Charge 2 stand out with a new band - The Milanese Loop. It's considerably less expensive than similar styles, and the glossy metal adds a nice touch to any outfit. If you want your Fitbit to look futuristic while tracking your heart rate, this is the one for you.

10. Hotodeal Leather

The stitching, leather quality, and price all come together to make this another great leather option for Fitbit Charge 2 bands. This boasts a wide range of colors, with nearly twenty different color combinations to choose from. For anyone who loves matching their accessories to their outfit, the Hotodeal leather band offers the most choices.

11. Bayite Leather

At only $13, this is one of the cheaper leather options on our list for budget-conscious shoppers. The band is a bit more flexible than other options and looks great on your wrist. Similar to the Fitbit leather band, this comes with a one-year warranty -- just at a fraction of the price you'd pay elsewhere.

12. Bayite Stainless Steel

For men who miss the look and feel of a traditional wristwatch, this Bayite band helps bring that experience to your Fitbit. The band features a double button clasp so that you can rest assured your Fitbit won't fall off your wrist over the course of the day. The band is also resizable, though you have to use a tool that comes with it.

13. Woven Nylon

By far the most breathable option on our list is this woven nylon band. These are kinder to your skin than any silicone option and don't show dirt as easily. The four colors work well with casual outfits, and the adjustable buckle helps you find what works for your wrist.

14. AK Fitbit Charge 2 Band

Waterproof bands can be hard to find. Luckily, this band from AK is completely waterproof, which is great news for anyone who enjoys water sports. We'd still recommend being careful around water since the Charge 2 is only water-resistant, but if you want to be sporty without worrying about water ruining your band, this is something to look into.

15. Gold Swirl Scroll

Sometimes, you just want to turn heads. Most Fitbit Charge 2 bands aren't suited for that, but this gold-plated bracelet cover will. Slap this over any band that you already own to quickly class up your look, then enjoy all the compliments as they come pouring in.

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