10 of the Best Fitbit Blaze Bands

10 of the Best Fitbit Blaze Bands

Want to wear your Fitbit Blaze in the most comfortable, stylish way possible? To stand out from the crowd, try swapping the band on your Fitbit Blaze. This gives you a variety of options so you can completely customize your look. What's so great about Fitbit Blaze bands, and which are the best ones for you to try? In this guide, we'll break it down - read on to learn more!

What are Fitbit Blaze Bands?

The Fitbit Blaze is one of the newest additions to the Fitbit family. This smartwatch does much more than the traditional Fitbit, making it a great choice for both techies and fitness lovers. That's right - the Blaze is both a watch and a fitness tracker, making it that much easier to stay on track and organized with your workouts. The Blaze design has a classic watch look and feel with a modern twist. The angular, square face is modern and trendy, while the wide band offers plenty of room for personalization. These bands are very comfortable on the wrist, so you can easily wear one all day with no problem. Your Blaze will automatically track everything from your sleep patterns and heart rate to stair climbing and steps. You can use it as a timer or stopwatch. And, of course, it also tells time in the traditional way, so you'll never miss a workout. Meanwhile, the bands can be changed out for a unique, custom look that will always match the rest of your gear. What are the Fitbit Blaze bands to try? Let's take a look.

The Top 10 Fitbit Blaze Bands

From the appearance to the feel, there are many different reasons to try different bands for your Blaze. Try out a few from this list - or try them all!

1. Classic Band

The classic Fitness Blaze band even has a few different options. We recommend trying this one out in a fun color like plum or blue, in addition to a black one for everyday wear. This silicone band is designed for everyday comfort, so you'll never get tired of wearing it. But when you have it in a few different colors, you can easily match it to your outfit of the day.

2. Leather Band

Fitbit's chic leather replacement band offers a nice upgrade from the usual silicone. A pure leather watchband is always a good look. Plus, you also have different color options. Try black or brown for a classic look, or gray for a modern, trendy vibe. Because these bands are pure leather, they'll last for years with just a little bit of leather care.

3. Stainless Steel Band

Want a more professional or fancy look for your Blaze? A stainless steel band gives the classic, chunky metal watchband look that goes great with both business and casual wear. This traditionally masculine band also looks great on women for a daring, borrowed-from-the-boys feel. Stainless steel bands transition perfectly from the workday to a night out. The snap closure ensures a perfect fit that's just tight enough.

4. Stainless Mesh Band

For a totally different look in stainless steel, make your Fitbit stand out with a metal mesh band in a trendy metallic shade. In black, silver, gold, or bronze, a mesh band is a great way to wear a metal band that's sleek and lays close to the wrist. This has a more modern, techie feel than the traditional thick stainless band.

5. Woven Nylon Band

For casual days and gym classes, a colorful nylon band is both practical and stylish. These Fitbit Blaze bands come in an array of colors. Try black or white for an easy, goes-with-everything look. Or, express yourself with a more daring shade like turquoise or sunset orange. Nylon bands are thin and comfortable, so you can almost forget you're wearing a watch at all. The adjustable buckle on the strap makes it easy to get the perfect fit.

6. Airvent Band

Don't want a sweaty wrist during your high-intensity workout? Then you'll need to try a band with built-in airvents to keep you cool underneath. A molded band with built-in vents lets air and sweat escape instead of getting trapped. Don't worry - this practical band still looks cool. The airvent design appears decorative, even though it's practical. You can also choose from a variety of colors, from basic black to creative combinations like a gray band with yellow vents. An adjustable buckle lets you get the right fit easily, and durable silicone ensures the band will host up during intense activity.

7. Multiple Bands Pack

Do you love changing your look on a daily basis? Don't want to be tied down with limited options? Then you should be sure to try a pack of multiple bands in different colors. A simple band can still make a big difference in your look. If you don't want to risk having a band color that clashes with your outfit, a pack of multiple colors ensures you'll always have the right one available. These bands are designed to be easy to change, so you won't have any trouble switching it up as often as you like.

8. Leather Bracelet Band

For nights out and trendy looks, upgrade to a leather band with a bracelet style to add a bit of class. These bands are wider than the typical leather band, turning your Blaze into a trendy wrist cuff. You'll never go wrong in a classic color like black or tan, but you can also be bold with a jewel tone like red or blue.

9. Mixed-Material Band

Your Fitbit Blaze band doesn't just have to be one thing. Try a band with a mix of materials, like silicone and metal, for an adventurous look.

10. Metal Link Band

For another look that references classic watchband design, a band made of stainless steel links is a great way to go. Choose one with adjustable links so you can get the perfect fit.

Need to Buy Fitbit Blaze Bands?

If you're having trouble deciding what to pick from this list, you're not alone. We recommend picking up a few different bands so you can easily change up your look while keeping your fitness on track. Ready to buy the perfect bands for your Blaze? Check out Mobile Mob in Australia.
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