Wooden Desktop Charger Dock For Apple iPhone 5s / 6 / 6s

$68.00 $99.00

Looking for a way to make your desk at work or home more creative? Look no further than Mobile Mob's new wooden desktop charger dock for Apple iPhone 6/6s. These have got to be the coolest desktop docks going round (take our word for it!) Crafted out of beautiful Birch-Wood , and fitted to an alloy base that will complement the color of your new iPhone.

  • The top wooden cover snaps securely in place with a magnet
  • Solid anodized alloy base....quality you can just feel.
  • Two different internal locking plates included (one for the newer iphone 6/5s, and another for the 4s)



      Apple iPhone 6
      Apple iPhone 6s
      Apple  iPhone 5
      Apple iPhone 5S
      Apple iPhone 5C
      Apple iPhone 4S
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