Quick Portable USB Battery Charger For Canon LP-E6


Charging on the go for you professional photographers and hobbyists has never been easier! These usb powered LP-E6 portable battery chargers are super compact. Easily connect this charger pack to a: USB wall charger, phone charger,car charger or any other compatible power source.

  • Input: 5V 1-2A 10W
  • Output: 8.4V 0.6A 5W
  • 100% compatible with your standard battery packs
  • Over-charge protection
  • LCD screen shows charging status
  • USB cable included
  • Only chargers LP-E6 battery packs
  • *No battery pack included


Canon 60D
Canon 5D (Mark II and III)
Canon 7D
Canon 70D
Canon 6D
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