Genuine Samsung Note 3 Battery Replacement B800BC N900 N9009 N9008

$34.00 $49.95

Is your Samsung Note 3 not turning on or going flat quickly? It might be time to swap out your Samsung Note 3 battery for a fresh one. Batteries in our favourite devices only last a few years due to their limited recharge lifespan. Buy a genuine Samsung Note 3 battery ensuring that your device is powered by the same high quality battery it was manufactured with.

  • 12-Month Mobile Mob Warranty
  • Battery Model: B800BC
  • Battery capacity: 3200mAh
  • Voltage: 4.35v
  • A Genuine & Original battery


Samsung Note 3, N9006 N9005 N900 N9009 N9008 N9002

Some models might not be listed, so please compare the battery in your device.

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