3SIXT JetPak Pro Fast Charging Power Bank 10400mAh


Quickly charge any tablet or mobile device with this 3SIXT JetPak Pro fast charging power bank 10400mAh. This compact 3SIXT power bank packs a serious punch with 2 usb outlets - the 2.4A port is for fast charging, or larger devices such as the Apple iPad. The rugged tough case is perfect for travelers or backpackers.

  • Output: 5V, 3.4A (1x 1.3A & 1x 2.4A)
  • Power input: 5V, 1A / 2.1A
  • Weight: 203grams
  • Battery capacity: 10400mAh
  • Smart protection stops device overloading
  • Rugged case that's still compact and lightweight


Package includes:

1 x 3SIXT JetPak Pro Fast Charging Power Bank 10400mAh

1 x USB Cable



Universal: Any device that can be recharged via a USB cable

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