Mob Board Segway Self Balancing Scooter Buying Guide

You've probably ridden one by now and seen Justin Bieber cruising or Mike Tyson getting KO'd on the latest craze in personal transportation. They go by many different names: Hover Board, Segway, Self Balancing Scooter, and of-coarse our very own Mob Board.

Buying a safe segway with so many different brands to choose from can be a tricky decision. We decided to create a segway buying guide, to help people understand the key differences with some of the segway brands. Manufacturing a safe and reliable scooter is no easy feat and we have learnt alot, some interesting and some just plain alarming. Keep reading as we share some insider tips and things to watch out for.

 1. Lithium Battery Pack

Cheap battery packs and unsafe chargers are the main culprit for exploding segways. Cheaper boards found on eBay, Gumtree and dispatched from overseas generally ship with cheaper Chinese battery packs (which use lower quality cells). The cheaper batteries also fail more advanced laboratory tests.

Our boards ship with Battery packs containing Samsung or LG battery cells. These are alot safer and more reliable. We also have a comprehensive battery test report from a laboratory, which tests a battery packs specifications, safety and durability. A few of the tests include: crush and impact, short circuit, temperature and altitude testing. If a seller can provide a report that shows the battery passed all criteria it shows you they care about the product they are selling.

 2. Australian SAA approved Wall Charger

Make sure the supplied wall charger you get is SAA approved. You can search the SAA approval website here. Simply enter the chargers model number, or the certificate number. If you ask for a SAA certificate from a brand or business and their name doesnt appear on the certificate its invalid. Having the manufacturers certificate, or a SAA certificate from overseas holds no credibility in Australia and could actually be fake.

3. Motor Power Rating

The standard advertised output on most scooters are 250W, 280W & 350W (per motor). A majority of companies are marketing scooters as having 350W motors, when in fact they have 250W motors in their segways. Real 350W high powered motors are available in high end scooters due to the increased manufacturing cost. The larger motors are generally overkill, you will find you just have a shorter run time per re-charge.


Brands & models tested and safe to purchase:

Kaiser Baas Revo Glider

Purchased from Jbhifi & Harvey Norman

Price: $799


Brands & models you should probably steer clear of:

Quality concerns with some models (we have thoroughly examined and done in-depth tear downs of some of the more popular models)

Xtreme (purchased on eBay for around ~$380)

  • Purchased from eBay
  • Price: ~$380


Moonwalker (UPDATE* Product recall in affect)

  • Purchased from BigW
  • Price $399


AirWalk (Product recall in affect)


If you have information on another segway, just shoot us an email so can can included it in our guide